Xamarin And iOS10 App Development – What’s New

Xamarin And iOS10 App Development – What’s New

iOS 10 SDK is in the market. Apple has added various new APIs and services for the developers to create new categories of apps and features.

Let us first see what’s new in Xamarin for iOS 10:

Xamarin 10.0 Pre-Requisites

Last version supporting classic profile (i.e. `monotouch.dll`) was Xamarin. iOS 9.10 which was quite similar to 10.0 but it does not include the new API added in Xcode 8 SDKs.

  • Apple Xcode 8.0 requires a Mac running OSX 10.11.5 or newer.
  • The new features and API, of course, requires Xcode 8.0 GM and the bundled iOS, tvOS and watchOS SDKs.

iOS10 New Frameworks

Some amazingly new frameworks added in iOS10 are:

  • Intents
  • IntentsUI
  • UserNotificationUI
  • Message
  • VideoSubscriberAccount
  • CallKit
  • UserNotification
  • Speech

tvOS 10 New Frameworks

In tvOS 10 the new frameworks which were added are:

  • HomeKit
  • ExternalAccessory
  • Photos
  • UserNotification
  • ReplayKit
  • MultipeerConnectivity
  • PhotosUI
  • VideoSubscriberAccount

watchOS New Frameworks

For native watchOS 2.x applications Xamarin.iOS 9.10 introduced preview support both for simulator and devices. For Xamarin.iOS10.0 the new frameworks which were added for watchOS 3:

  • AVFoundation
  • CloudKit
  • CoreAudio
  • GameKit
  • SceneKit
  • SpriteKit
  • UserNotification

Let’s have a close look at a few new added features/frameworks of iOS10:

1. CallKit

CallKit API in iOS 10 provides VOIP apps a way to integrate with the iPhone UI. It also offers a familiar interface and experience to the end user. Using this API, users can view and interact with VOIP calls from the iOS device’s Lock Screen and can also manage contacts using the phone app’s favorite and recent views.

Furthermore, the CallKit API offers the ability to create App Extensions which can be associated with a phone number with the name (as in caller id) or even tell when the numbers should be blocked (as in call blocking)

2. Message App Integration

iOS 10 allow users the inclusion of Message App Extension in Xamarin.iOS solution which integrates with Messages app and offers new functionality to the user. With this extension,users can send text, stickers, interactive messages and media files. The main two types of Message App Extension which are available:

1- Sticker Packs:

This pack comprises of a collection of stickers which users can add to the message and these sticker packs can be created without writing any code.

2- iMessage App:

It offers a custom User Interface within the Messages app for choosing stickers, entering text, creating, editing and sending interaction messages.

3- SiriKit:

SiriKit which is new to iOS 10 allows a Xamarin.iOS app to provide services which are accessible to the user using Siri on an iOS device. iOS9 does not allow you to develop or integrate with Siri, but iOS 10 allows third-parties to integrate with Siri, however, it is still limited. Let’s see which service domains does SiriKit support:

  • Booking a ride.
  • Audio or video calling.
  • Messaging.
  • Sending or receiving payments.
  • Searching photos.
  • Managing workouts.

Some of the major updates in iOS10 include Adapting to the True Tone Display, AppExtensions, App Search Enhancements, Apple Pay Enhancements and much more. Furthermore, with these additions, modifications, and improvements made in existing frameworks in iOS10, Apple has brought a few minor changes as well like AVKit Additions, Core Data Enhancements, Core Image Enhancements, AV Foundation Framework Additions, GameKit Enhancements, HealthKit Enhancements, Metal Enhancements, ModelIO Enhancements etc. For knowing more on Xamarin for iOS10 stay tuned to.

References: developer.xamarin.com, xamarinhelp.com

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