Will Salesforce IQ Increase Your ROI?

Will Salesforce IQ Increase Your ROI?

Salesforce just got more intelligent. Salesforce had purchased RelateIQ ‘a relationship intelligence platform’ and has incorporated the engine to multiply its strength manifold and has the guts to beat what RelateIQ ever was. And combined, Salesforce now boasts about the ‘smart, simple and intelligent’ CRM – the Salesforce IQ.

However, big enterprises and organizations would like to stick to the traditional Salesforce and Sales Cloud if they have the requisite of customizing a CRM or have an access to the AppExchange. On the contrary, small businesses might want to get their hands on SalesforceIQ. If they are using Gmail and Microsoft Exchange for mailing purposes and calendar requirements then SalesforceIQ emerges to be more beneficial as they do not want to spend the extra bucks for further CRM customization.

The lucrative features of SalesforceIQ are that it is super beneficial to small businesses in the following ways:

Time Optimization

It allows you to focus on the correct places without wasting time. Simply connect SalesforceIQ to your Gmail or to your Exchange account and your smart CRM is all set to go. Within a blink of an eye all your emails, phone calls, and meetings will be automatically captured and updated thereby saving a lot of time. It will keep your deals up to date so that you are entirely focussed on selling.

Intelligent Selling

SalesforceIQ: the smart CRM intelligently filters the opportunities and marks the deals that need maximum attention at a particular moment. SalesforceIQ’s out-of-the-box reporting suite gives you the provision to gain data-driven insights about individual and team performance.

Sell From Anywhere

The SalesforceIQ mobile app and the Chrome extension gives you instant access to all the CRM data right from your inbox. It helps you stay on top of every deal with timely reminders, handy email templates and smart email invitations which display your calendar availability in real time.

Exceptional Manageability

SalesforceIQ can be easily connected to your Gmail or Exchange account but apart from that it also allows lucid customization. It gives you the provision of customizing your workflow or integrating with other systems and it’s just a few clicks to go.

This new product automates the process of putting and accessing data at the right places so that Sales rep can primarily focus on the imperative aspects of selling. SalesforceIQ passively pushes information from calls, emails, calendar and various automation software like HubSpot, MailChimp, etc into the CRM. Its chrome version and the available app can not only update the CRM records from your inbox but also surface the information after analysing the emails.

SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud gives the users the advantage of receiving read notifications to give them heads up when clients open their emails. It also allows you to follow-up email scheduling, pre-crafted text snippets for emails, attach files from many cloud storage services and a lot more. There is yet another dynamic calendar widget like feature for emails that aids the salespeople to allot potential meeting times to the ones that are currently available when they actually open the emails.

What is SalesforceIQ for Small Business?

SalesforceIQ is an out-of-box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for Small Business. It can be easily attached to the existing Gmail and Exchange accounts of the small businesses and help is intelligent relationship management. It automatically tracks and analyses the day-to-day interactions and renders to sustain the business relationships. Such CRM intelligence will definitely pave a brighter path for the salespeople and help them to convert more.

From a sales rep point of view, SalesforceIQ is an ultimate game changer. The exquisite features like automated logging and reminders even made RelateIQ stand out from the rest but now Salesforce is going beyond-beyond it as a standalone product. It is now focussing on targeting smaller companies with an emphasis on automation capabilities. It has brought enhancements to the core Sales Cloud. Now that Salesforce has the combined wit of RelateIQ, things have become all the most interesting and definitely more challenging for its competitors.

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