Software Testing Trends 2013, Where does India Stand?

Software Testing Trends 2013, Where does India Stand?

NEWS UPDATE: (Tuesday, 03 September, 2013) I always like to compare the recent market trends in technologies. After listening to different voices of the market, I reached to the conclusion that 2012 was the year for all testers. Agile practices were revolution, in which test are developed before the code is actually written.

“Again, INDIA ranked first in the list of top ten outsourcing locations for software testing. Although in 2013 India has started facing competition with other countries as well, but still hitting the high notes on outsourcing market.”

“REPORT”: “Jigsaw Academy Analytics, India has ranked high as preferred destination for IT outsourcing compare to other Asian Countries”.

Just think on mobility…….revolution is going on and on……

In all, I can speak professional wants high-level security and performance for their software solution……….of course it needs quality TESTING.

Let me tell you first, that software testing trends are not SHORT-LIVED like fashion trends.

So, when we’ll discuss a software testing trend today, it would be around us over longer time, until it is totally worthless.

Cloud Testing has really broadened up the testing criteria like never before. It allows you to easily access cheap hardware, add machine, clone the setup and emulate number of configuration as well as the testing environment. Cloud testing delivers the genuine testing result from the people, who are actually going to use your application. Moreover, if it is a mobile app, tester can easily check it out for different devices and operating systems.

“IGNITE will held a conference for software quality and testing on 14-15 October, 2013. This is one of the biggest conferences held in Australia, Sydney. Over 200 software testing professionals and vendors will gather there to enlighten what are the latest and best trends for software testing”

Web Security Testing is designed for the customers, who are scared about the security of their sensitive and crucial data. It is powerful testing solution to prevent hijacking, stealing of user data, intruder interruption and so on.

“Software threats are closely related to software testing. In future, professionals would more focus on risk calculation and risk coping techniques such as Failure More and Effect Analysis (FMEA) to ensure SECURITY.”

Data-Driven Testing lets user keep the data separated from real test script. This testing offers more flexibility and easy maintenance of script. Reliability testing offers high-level stability, performance, quick availability (24×7), backup facility and other benefits. Deployment Testing lets user deal with deployment failure that are too common while software testing.

I trust on TESTING METHODOLOGIES to detect and rectify bugs from the early stages of testing lifecycle. Some relevant methodologies are risk based security testing, predictive performance modelling and more. We offer advanced dashboard for testing metrics that enhances traceability and efficiency of the software. Our professionals perform non-functional validation testing to check out usability, accessibility and performance of the software. We use new testing models to address various types of challenges in testing such as Service Oriented Architecture, cloud computing and more. These all are about new testing trends for software.

Genuinely, I’ve no idea, where the testing trends will END……..if you have any, feel free to share it with me.

I’m looking forward to see new testing trends in the NEXT couple of years, after and so on…

What do you think??………. Let us know by your precious comments….

By- Ajeet Singh, Co-founder, Director (International Sales), Algoworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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