Salesforce Integration Cloud: Accelerating Customer’s Digital Transformation

Salesforce Integration Cloud: Accelerating Customer’s Digital Transformation

The connoisseurs of Salesforce were totally intrigued by the acquisition of Mulesoft for a whopping $6.5B, and the excitement reached its peak with the announcement of Integration cloud by one of the fastest growing companies globally. It is a solution, which without any doubt, will significantly impact the future of Salesforce big time.

It is one of the biggest deals made in the history of Salesforce. It talks a lot about the utter importance of APIs and the potential of unlocking data. Salesforce can and will offer imperative solutions to their customers globally and address their integration needs at all levels.

Accelerating Customer’s Digital Transformation

This acquisition will lead to customers’ Digital Transformation. Salesforce, along with Mulesoft, will enable the customers to connect all the information and data from all the possible public and private clouds and data sources availed across the entire enterprise, thereby, radically enhancing innovation. It will definitely speed up customers’ digital transformations, enabling them to unlock data across cloud apps, old legacy systems, and devices to make much smarter and efficient decisions. This in return will obviously help them get differentiated and marked due to the awesome connected customer experiences.

However, as of now, this deal is much about using the data to fuel various pieces of the Salesforce platform, i.e, no matter wherever the information resides, whether in or outside Salesforce, the information can be accessed without having the need to leave Salesforce.

The Integration Cloud

With a lot of speculations about Salesforce and Mulesoft, here comes Salesforce Integration Cloud, the brand new offering powered by the company’s fresh acquisition of the integration platform provider, Mulesoft. The cloud aids the users to connect various data scattered through myriad cloud platforms. The company also launched the new Lightning Flow feature to allow the marketers to create a personalized and seamless customer experience across the various domains of sales, service, and marketing.

Integration Cloud includes the following:

  • Integration Platform
  • Integration Builder
  • Integration Experiences
  • Lightning Flow
  • Salesforce Einstein

The Integration Platform

Salesforce has signed an agreement to acquire one of the leading platforms for building application networks, which is MuleSoft, that connect enterprise apps and data. Mulesoft will continue to develop its Anypoint platform which will power the new Integration Cloud.

The Integration Builder

The admin will be able to build a single view of customers across all Salesforce deployments and across the entire business system network. Admins can easily manage all connections through a unified admin console.

The Integration Experience

It brings together the Salesforce customer data in a new manner automatically. It helps to provide seamless and personalized end to end customer experience across various domains like sales, marketing, service, and commerce. It will give the provision to the brands to build a robust and customized experience, making use of all the information acquired from the various Salesforce tools.

The Lightning Flow

Integration Cloud will also include a new workflow tool called Lighting Flow. It will allow Salesforce customers to build workflows from the customer data in Salesforce CRM. With Salesforce Lightning, the Trailblazers can work much better and at a much-elevated speed to build apps and various components via clicks or code. Lightning Flow is the new platform service. It will provide any Trailblazer the option of tools to bring the exclusive power of process automation to CRM. Even as of today, a large number of companies continue to cater to their huge customer processes with the legacy tools that are pretty much disconnected from their customer data, resulting in loss of valuable opportunities as well as cost-oriented delays. With the help of Lightning Flow Components, businesses, as well as developers, are building processes with guided, visual tools that are well integrated with the customer data and seamlessly embedded into any touchpoint that will significantly reduce the waiting time for the customer and, thereby, enhancing productivity manifold.

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A Dash of Einstein

The company is also adding the Artificial Intelligence aspect to its new product with the support of Einstein. It will aid the users to imbibe intelligence into any app and there will also be exclusive Trailhead education components to impart knowledge to customers on the usage of new tools.

On An Ending Note

A lot is expected from the acquisition and declaration of the Integration Cloud. Summarizing Integration Cloud will include a set of services and tools that will definitely make it lucid for Salesforce customers to surface their data, no matter where it is stored and will be able to deliver intelligent and superbly connected customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

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