Salesforce Health Cloud – Creating Patient Relationships Not Records

Salesforce Health Cloud – Creating Patient Relationships Not Records

Unfortunately, the gruesome truth facing the world today is the ever increasing pressure of diseases due to chronic disorders, pollution, growing age, and definitely increasing expectations of patients. Amongst this exponential growth of increasing pressure of patients and their records Salesforce adopts the motto of “Create patient relationships, not records.”

It’s unassailable that Salesforce has transformed how the enterprises in industries as diverse as financial services to retail to education manage their customer relationships. This time, it brings its cloud-based technology to the world of healthcare. This disclosure not only ensures the next evolution in health IT, but also a potential revolution in the delivery of care itself.

The idea in a jiffy… Salesforce Health Cloud merges the data sucked from multiple channels whether electronic medical records, myriad medical devices, or even wearables—into a single location. The idea being the consolidated information aids the health workers to have a holistic view of the patient. This view, in turn, enables you to take precise and smarter care decisions, intervene earlier by anticipating issues that might crop up, and collect data across the entire workflow of treatment for effective future usability. The software also makes the information available on the go i.e. puts the data in the hands of the patient through mobile applications.

Salient Features

The salient features which gives Salesforce a cutting edge are as follows:

1. Treat the patient with a holistic approach- Helps in coagulating the information of the patient resting in multiple systems into a single view.
2. Deliver insightful care efficiently- It makes patient management convenient with a Today Page that organizes tasks based on priority and also helps in setting appropriate reminders.
3. Rendering patients an active voice- It takes the patient to a much deeper level where they are no more oblivious or in the dark about their present situation. They can view their care plan, connect, discuss and take relevant actions.
4. Partner with leading health companies- Salesforce Health Cloud was developed in partnership with leading health and medical device companies matching its own standards of accuracy and perfection.

Challenges And Solutions

The various challenges which the medical centers face with their existing legacy systems are as follows:

    • Healthcare providers face a significant challenge to deliver the best patient care possible as they rely on data sitting in multiple systems.


Salesforce health cloud provides 1-to-1 care by providing a holistic view of a patient’s information by consolidating it from multiple sources into a single location. It helps to get a clearer picture of the rate of patient’s progression across the health timeline and support the care team to extend appropriate care via care coordinators to home based caretakers.

    • The next imperative problem facing the IT healthcare domain is that most of the critical and crucial information are stuck in software silos messing with the ability to interact across care spectrum. According to a survey, 95% say that interoperability becomes the major hindrance while transferring the data from one clinic to another medical center. It leaves fatal gaps in care as information flows past various IT systems.


This system is designed exclusively for healthcare providers and built on world’s best CRM platform which is known for its scalability and lucid integration with other systems. It was cultured in partnership with the leading medical device companies including Accenture, MuleSoft, PwC, Phillips, Deloitte, and Persistent. It aids patients to get engaged at a deeper level and via any device and at any medical center. It ensures secure collaboration with the entire care provider network and patients. They can view care spectrum, their care providers, get answers to their queries and get their grievances sorted in a jiffy.

    • Another vital challenge is end to end real time collaboration of the patient’s information.


Through private Salesforce Communities, the Salesforce health cloud allows care provider networks and the patients to share secured confidential messages anytime, and anywhere. It helps in real time collaboration and saves the patient from a lot of unnecessary workload or paperwork thereby making the workflow more systematic and lucid.

    • Yet another challenge is to reach new levels of security for confidential information of the patients. Information flows across different IT systems, so any gap can lead to breach of security and play havoc with any patient’s life.


Salesforce health cloud ensures a secure connection and collaboration in real time across the full health system’s care network. It has a deep understanding of customers and their need for confidentiality in individual markets so it provides the health cloud that meets their needs more closely than ever before with stronger authentication at different levels.

Fears and drama around integration in health care are starting to dissolve and with the launch of Salesforce Health Cloud we are all expecting that it will bridge the gap and render a place where various health care providers can interact, including doctors, caregivers, nurses, and other insurance personnel. Health Cloud is getting back to the roots of the medical practices of understanding patients beyond their reports and ultimately putting relationships first thereby echoing their motto “Create patient relationships, not records.”

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