Honoring 20 Years of Dreamforce with 38 Speakers, 180 Sponsors, & Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Honoring 20 Years of Dreamforce with 38 Speakers, 180 Sponsors, & Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Just a handful of days remaining to attend the largest software conference hosting some of the terrific minds from across the world. A conference that will house speakers like Anjali Sud (CEO-Vimeo), Matthew McConaughey (Academy Award Winning Actor), Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson (NBA Legend & Chairman & CEO, Magic Johnson Enterprises), and numerous others.

A conference offering the best hands-on tech knowledge, exposure to the newest and ultra tech products, and 1000+ sessions and workshops. Over tens of thousands of ‘Trailblazers’ under the same roof partying and relishing once-in-a-lifetime instances.

It is the Dreamforce 2022 – celebrating 20 years of the huge conference. This year, San Francisco will be a witness to a monumental gathering for three days from 20th to 22nd September. This event of the year will take place in Moscone Tower just a few blocks from the Salesforce Tower.

But What is Dreamforce? And What Drives its Popularity?

To absolutely appreciate the celebration going about Dreamforce, it is crucial to anticipate everything about Dreamforce. Dreamforce is a happening conference arranged by Salesforce annually. This is Salesforce’s way to bring together all the industry pioneers and glorify customer success. Salesforce ensures the togetherness of the people, their involvement in the company, their success stories, their efforts, and the continuous experiences that they had.

All this began in 2003, and since then, it just continued advancing. The evolution resulted in not just a conference but something more than that. This conference is about finding encouraging keynotes, sessions, speakers, and subjects of discussion about the trending technology, the scope of empowerment, and additional factors changing the world.

What is Special About Dreamforce 2022?

Dreamforce 2022 brings together some talented people from across the world. If you are a tech-enthusiast and have been following Salesforce for quite some time, attending Dreamforce 2022 will indeed act as a dream come true for you. But why? Why are most people prepping to attend Dreamforce and have in fact, taken leaves for those three days?

  • An absolute transparent hub offering eminent speakers sharing knowledge about the latest technology, providing practical information about achieving milestones, and most importantly having a one-to-one discussion with the experts.
  • Dreamforce is a place where connecting with like-minded Trailblazers is possible. From old to new acquaintances, one will come across incredible networking partners in this field.
  • Dreamforce believes in the saying- “Good for the world. Good for the soul.” Following the same, they have managed to accumulate around $100M in the support of the communities. This means, your presence at the Dreamforce conference will be a sign of your caring for the world.
  • 87% of attendees have been able to accelerate their business growth by learning from the Dreamforce conference.
  • 89% of people stated to have absorbed certain knowledge that has soared efficiencies.
  • 86% have gained knowledge that helped skyrocket their business by solving countless challenges.
  • Dreamforce’s sessions have helped around 83% of people discover a new tool that expedited their businesses.

What is the Limelight of Dreamforce 2022?

If you are tech-savvy and an avid music lover, chances are high that you will be enthralled by the band present in Dreamforce 2022 – It is Red Hot Chilli Peppers. While listening to ‘Californication’, you can have a gala time discussing the future of Salesforce and the whole tech space. If you have been wanting to indulge in an enlightening technological event, Dreamforce is the one.

The panel of speakers is undoubtedly one of the striking occurrences of the conference. To give a sneak peek:

1. Marc Benioff: Chair and Co-CEO of Salesforce

2. Bret Taylor: Co-CEO of Salesforce

3. Jennifer Hudson: Emmy, 2x Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award-Winning Artist

4. Anjali Sud: CEO of Vimeo

5. Matthew McConaughey: Academy Award-Winner, NY Times Bestselling author, and Salesforce Brand Partner

6. Earvin ‘Magic’Johnson: NBA Legend and Chairman and CEO, Magic Johnson Enterprises

7. Bono: Co-founder of One & (Red), Lead Singer of U2, Author of Forthcoming Memoir “Surrender”

8. Leah Thomas: Founder, Intersectional Environmentalist & Author “The Intersectional Environmentalist”

9. Stewart Butterfield: President & CEO, Slack

10. Simu Liu: Actor & Writer

11. Lynn Martin: President of NYSE Group

12. Rich Paul: CEO & Founder of Klutch Sports Group

13. Alex Honnold: Professional Rock Climber & Philanthropist

14. Angela Lester: Design & Innovation Principal, Digital & Cloud Practice – PWC

No, this doesn’t end here, the list of speakers continues and presents people from IBM, Deloitte, Fortune, and so on.

Dreamforce 2022 is indeed going to be an extravagant carnival and this promising revelry is sponsored by 180 sponsors. Some of the biggies are Accenture, Deloitte Digital, IBM, PWC, AWS, Capgemini, Infosys, LinkedIn, KPMG, and many more. On top of that, the newest addition to Salesforce’s list of innovations, namely, Salesforce+ has been gaining attention. The streaming service is keeping the audience glued to its business sessions, thereby escalating organizations as well.

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Pratyush KumarHonoring 20 Years of Dreamforce with 38 Speakers, 180 Sponsors, & Red Hot Chilli Peppers