Dreamforce 2021 Highlights: ‘Trust’Blazers Enterprise for a Sustainable Future and Much More!

Dreamforce 2021 Highlights: ‘Trust’Blazers Enterprise for a Sustainable Future and Much More!

Lots of cheers, excited Trailblazers, interactive hybrid sessions, tech highlights, some country music tunes and a hopeful advent into the future of technology: Dreamforce 2021 finally kicked off its annual event on September 21 2021. With the Global Dreamforce theme of “Success Anywhere, Dreamforce Everywhere.” It was a bright Tuesday morning and the keynote address began with Salesforce® CEO Marc Benioff, he walked in onto the stage in a bright blue attire to the cheers of the audience, and soon after COO Bret Taylor took the stage, with the background set up like a welcoming park with Salesforce mascots enlivening the environment, resonating with the National Parks theme of the year.

As shared in the Dreamforce 2021 initiation blog, the event, even before its beginning, was surrounded by exciting whirrs on topics like the launch of Salesforce’s own streaming platform- Salesforce Plus for entrepreneurs, Trailblazers, global leaders and Salesforce enthusiasts in sync with the Dreamforce event. Not only this, Salesforce Plus was used to stream the live event for free to business owners and aspirants across the world.

This year Dreamforce was “hybrid”, because of the dual nature of its congregation:

  • In-person event taking place after 2019, at San Francisco’s Moscone Center
  • With the online relay of the talks and series through Salesforce Plus.

As each year, this year too Algoworks President & Co-Founder Pratyush attended Dreamforce 2021 with full fervour. However, keeping in mind the safety protocols he joined in through Salesforce+! So let’s get to it-

Highlights of Dreamforce 2021

Here we are with launches from the three-day mega mania straight from the world of Salesforce:

Salesforce Plus Live Stream

Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 was streamed live on its all -new Salesforce Plus, which is being seen as the ‘netflix’ for entrepreneurs, business owners, and Salesforce enthusiasts. Salesforce Plus streamed the whole event from September 21-23 on the new streaming platform for different industries and roles.

This was an opportune time to introduce the masses to Salesforce Plus due to the Covid-19 safety protocols in place, only a select number was invited to the Moscone Convention Center, the rest of the professionals used Salesforce Plus stream to their benefit, and about 100,000 attended the keynote address by the CEO Marc Benioff and the subsequent 150 virtual sessions.

Slack as the ‘Digital HQ’

The old favourite Slack came with a stronger build at this year’s Dreamforce event. It came with new capabilities to turn itself into a ‘Digital HeadQuarter’ for each department and industry which include Slack First Sales, Slack First Service, Slack First Integration with MuleSoft for department and Slack First Sustainability, Slack First NonProfit and the likes for Industries.

With powerful Slack Innovations like Slack Clips for audio-video sharing, Zoom Connection to smoothen the online meeting process, Enhancements to integrate new partners on Slack and GovSlack for governments.

Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 with Dreampass

With the growing demand for better health services designed for a healing remote experience, many health organisations are upping the game by providing services over the cloud. It’s only right that Salesforce announces a better, newer Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0. The new software helps governments and businesses to do the following:

  • Provide for a ‘hybrid’ future- intertwining online, onsite and in-person communication.
  • Dreampass feature in Health Cloud 2.0 helps employees and communities feel safer in in-person meetings.
  • Its capabilities include
    • 1) Attendee registration management
    • 2) Vaccination check ‘testing vendor integration‘ for testing kits.
    • 3) Test results conveyance with personalized QR code.
    • 4) Contact tracing through necessary data.

Salesforce has topped as the number #1 Healthcare CRM solution for four years in a research conducted by KLAS Research. With the advent of Health Cloud 2.0 end-users can expect a seamless hybrid health service experience.

Trail(Trust)blazers, Ahoy!

Trailblazers are special to Salesforce because they are the makers of the thriving Salesforce ecosystem. Marc Benioff, emphasised this point by outlining the challenges to Salesforce’s vision of ‘Trusted Enterprise’ emerging to surface from a sustainability crisis with a pandemic, climate change, remote workstations and even inequality based in healthcare, education, and other fields.

The Trusted Enterprise is the Salesforce playbook for the leaders and ‘Trust’ blazers to navigate the crisis by protecting the planet and regaining customers’ trust. The process has five key pillars:

  • Trust
  • Customer First
  • Digital Headquarter
  • Health and Safety
  • And Sustainability

Salesforce is a ‘Net Zero Company, and works with 100% renewable energy, not only that, in sync with its vision, Salesforce with its Sustainability Cloud 2.0 is planning to streamline customers’ efforts in creating a mindful ecological footprint.\

Sustainability Cloud 2.0

Sustainability Cloud 2.0 was one of the highlights of the event launches to help customers reach Net Zero with ease. Salesforce’s partnership with 1T.org and Global Citizen is planning to plant 100 Million trees by 2030.

Sustainable Cloud 2.0 has an ecological goal in sight for all companies to adopt the path to NET Zero and reduce carbon emissions with Slack-First Sustainability. Clif Bar, XERO and Uhuru are some of the Sustainability Cloud users.

And a lot of Singing, Pledges and Celeb Features!

As each year, Dreamforce 2021 concluded with a blast with outdoor sessions in Salesforce Park and remote conferences with world renowned celebs including Jane Fonda, Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, Ola Källenius, Will Smith and Blake Keeper!

Trailblazers around the world laughed, cried tears of joy and hope and swayed to the tunes of Foo Fighters, Metallica, and Lionel Richie!

With Dreamforce 2021, Algoworks as a proud Salesforce partner, pledges to move towards a sustainable future.

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This blog has been published with references from Diginomica and CRN.

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