Call Right with Algoworks Phone Location Tracking App for Salesforce®

Call Right with Algoworks Phone Location Tracking App for Salesforce®

You have a client who is a frequent traveler and you are in search of a fabulous phone number tracker to trace their location- what do you do? You bring out your smartphone and get a one-shot-view of the client’s phone number location with one of the best phone tracking apps, through the ‘phone number tracker’ built in the Algoworks Phone Location Tracking app. Why? you might ask.

Well, because this amazing phone number tracker is built for an intuitive user experience through which you can track the mobile number location of a client and time zones as well, and turn it into one of the best phone tracking app experiences! Algoworks Phone Location Tracker works as a plug-in for companies that have Salesforce integration. It refines Sales agents’ lives by streamlining the call-and-connect process.

Algoworks Phone Location Tracking app was listed on Salesforce AppExchange on 18 October 2021 and its latest update was released on December 6, 2020. This phone number tracker is built by Algoworks for organizations and Sales agents who want to track mobile number locations, and are looking for a phone number tracker which works with Salesforce® integration. There are many apps available online, but which one is the best phone tracking app, that enables you to connect with a lead at the right time. Algoworks Phone Location Tracking App has gathered 5-star reviews on AppExchange because of its most popular features, which are:

  • It’s easy-to-navigate UI
  • Time management and accuracy
  • Seamless location tracking feature

Configure the best phone tracking app in the Salesforce market to smoothen your client’s phone number tracking experience in five simple steps:

  • Install
  • Register
  • Customize page layout
  • Track location
  • Set up in Lightning

Here’s how you can install and configure Algoworks Phone Location Tracker:

into your organization’s system.

Now that you know how to install it, let’s see what makes this phone number tracker, popular with users:

Algoworks Phone Location Tracking App Features

Track Mobile Number Location with Added Details

As a top salesforce partner and top salesforce consulting firm, Algoworks created the phone number tracker as a utility app to track mobile number location for Salesforce users or sales agents who work for different organizations. Algoworks Phone Location Tracking app allows you to track your lead’s location and timezone across the USA simply by tapping into their phone numbers.

You can easily check the details of a client’s status through objects like ‘Type‘ of the phone number, its location in a ‘State’ and ‘City’; the current ‘Local Time’ in the State or City and ‘Action’ status.


2. Edit and Customise Pages

As you can see, Algoworks Phone Location Tracking is designed as a phone number tracker to give you an experience similar to that of the best phone tracking app through its smooth and intuitive user experience, Algoworks phone number tracker is self-explanatory and you can easily track mobile number location with it; however to make it the best phone tracking app – Algoworks has included the customization feature; yes! you can personalize the app according to your requirements and easy understanding!

So, now you know about the objects you can use to manage calls with a client. In addition to those you can utilize this phone number tracker to track a client’s phone number based on the ‘Area Code’, if the location is incorrect, you can edit it for future reference and in a similar manner you can also edit, customize and manage pages on the plug-in, for instance, you can add a square widget as shown in the image below, to manually search phone number locations!


3. Track with One-Shot Visual Cues

Along with the One-Shot update of the client’s phone number, you can also get a visual update of the location through the in-built map feature to manage time and resources.

Not only this you can now modulate visual cues on the app page as well. For instance, the app shows a ‘Black Tick’ for an unverified phone number but you can change the other markers like ‘Blue Tick’ which shows whether someone in your organization has used the phone number tracker and verified a phone number, if they did, the tick mark turns blue.


4. Time-specific for Sales agents’

Designed as the best phone tracking app for sales agents and salesforce consultants, Algoworks Phone Location Tracker helps you streamline the process of calling and following up with clients. As an agent you can also send timely emails at the right hour after using the phone number tracker to locate the timezone of a contact.

Built With Two Salesforce Components

Phone Location Tracking app by Algoworks comes with time management and Lightning Components. To help organizations with the following:

  • Save Time!– Save time when you’re about to call an old or prospective customer.
  • Verify More– Lets you verify location, timezone and phone numbers.
  • Search Instantly!– This is done by placing the Lightning component on any of the pages. You can then proceed to search any phone number or geographic detail.

Challenges Overcome

Apart from saving time, providing a one-shot-view detail page of a client and giving you the ease to edit and customize Page layout. Phone Location Tracking app enables you to resolve the following challenges with ease as well:

  • Mismanaged Calling Time: Not anywhere, because now with the client’s location and timezone availability, sales agents will not go amiss on this!
  • Confusing Data Stack?: Phone number tracker allows you to see a one-shot-view of all details necessary before making a call.
  • Drawn-out Excavation Process?: Not with the Phone Location Tracking app, it lets you track mobile number location or a client’s details by using the lightning component of the page of your choice, in a jiffy!

Time Your Life Well!

Algoworks Phone Location Tracking app streamlines your tasks as a sales agent or a service provider by letting you do the following:

  • Call and connect right!: You can now connect with clients, contacts, or leads at the right hour by scheduling a call after checking their timezone.
  • Personalise to your convenience!: Not only can you edit the layout of a page, you can also add a Lightning component for faster search results, which saves a lot more time from your busy schedule!
  • Let your team members know!– Your team is your go-to zone and now even your team members can track the verified and edited mobile number location information to save everyone’s time and maintain the workflow!

Simplify and streamline your professional life as a sales agent or service provider with the best phone tracking app.

Love the Algoworks Phone Location Tracking app? Go ahead and try the phone number tracker for your organization through Salesforce AppExchange®!

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Confused about which one would suit your business the best? Connect with us, we will be glad to help you out!

This blog has been published with references from Salesforce AppExchange®.

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