Dreamforce 2021 is Here With Salesforce+, In-Person Congregation and Much More!

Dreamforce 2021 is Here With Salesforce+, In-Person Congregation and Much More!

It’s that time of the year again and we are very excited! The most awaited annual event for Salesforce® partners and entrepreneurs Dreamforce® 2021 is here and the virtual space is being prepped for it. Dreamforce® 2020 was a fully online event but this year it’s going to be a fusion of the online and offline event held from the 21-23 September.

So What is the Buzz all About?

Salesforce ® has announced its first Global Dreamforce Event and that’s making all the noise! Salesforce® partners have brought in joy and success to their customers and organizations through their collaboration with each other. Algoworks, as a Salesforce partner and consultant, joins this spectacular event each year for the past 9 years! Salesforce partners and enthusiasts have constantly strived together to achieve goals and bring a streamlined experience to their customers.

This is the time to celebrate their success and reflect on the year’s ups and downs, which has been many since Covid-19 turned into a pandemic and ravaged the world. Though Dreamforce has been held annually since 2003, each year brings in novelties and some of the best opportunities for networking with astute minds venturing towards success.

Here are the particulars of this year’s mega congregation of business professionals:

Where is the Venue of Dreamforce 2021?

The 3-day hybrid event will take place in its original location in San Francisco, offline but it’ll be streamed live as well on Salesforce+®, which will be launched as Salesforce’s streaming platform for business professionals and enthusiasts, free of cost for anyone who would like to attend! Yes! You can join in as a tech novice, a Trailblazer, a budding entrepreneur, or an established executive from the safety of your homes.

The In-Person Venues

Dreamforce in-person event will take place September 21-23, 2021 at Salesforce® global campus locations in San Francisco’s Moscone Center and in New York City, Paris, and London. Salesforce with its partner Pandefense will keep strict COVID protocols which include the rapid PCR tests and vaccination proof checks for US residents planning to attend in-person.

Salesforce+ Stream From Home

It’ll be held virtually as well through the Salesforce+® streaming platform, which was launched this year on August 10 2021. It’ll be used to stream the event for free to whoever wants to attend anywhere in the world.

Who is Attending?

We definitely are! and you can join too! Yes, you can join in if you want to, through the Salesforce+ streaming platform. There’ll be leaders from various industries as attendees as well. For the in-person event though, safety has been prioritized and only limited entrance is allowed. So what’s the news?:

Winning a Spot

Salesforce had announced the availability of 10 tickets for US residents to attend in-person, the tickets were made available for free. Attendees were selected between 9 August 2021 and 27 August 2021 through Sweepstaking. US residents above 18 years of age were invited to register by 27 August 2021, by signing up on the Trailblazer.me platform.

The Numbers Say it All

It has been estimated that around 6,000 on-site attendees and viewers will attend the Dreamforce 2021 online event.

Big Names on the Scene

Apart from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Dreamforce 2021 will see appearances by keynote speakers from different fields: Human Rights Activist and Global Ambassador for Amref -Nice Nailantei Leng’ete; American actor and Musician Will Smith; Actor and Activist Jane Fonda; Paralympian and Actor Blake Keeper and many more will share their insights.

What’s in it For You?

Dreamforce is a new experience each year, it is an educational participation and an opportunity to grow and connect with like-minded individuals who have been revolutionizing the way society and communities are shaping up and bringing about a thought revolution in various ways. The event consists of vision-enhancing and enabling interactions by leaders in their fields.

Algoworks has been participating in the annual event since our affiliation with Dreamforce in 2013. Mr. Pratyush Kumar, Co-Founder and Director of Algoworks, has attended each year’s event with hearty enthusiasm!

This year popular presences of Will Smith, Jennifer Tejada, Jane Fonda will be featured in the event. This year will be hybrid with the online and in-person events. It’ll also see the launch of the Salesforce+ Streaming service:

Debut of Salesforce+ Streaming Platform

Announced on August 10 2021, Salesforce has ventured to release a ‘Netflix like’ streaming platform for Trailblazers and entrepreneurs in the upcoming Dreamforce 2021. It will be designed to help business enthusiasts succeed in the contemporary scene of work-from-home, work from anywhere. It’ll have the following:

  • Not only will it be used to stream the Dreamforce event to a global audience. It’ll include live shows, podcasts, success story sharing on the Customer 360 Channel and learn innovation from pioneers with Trailblazer channels.
  • It’ll include the Salesforce original series and programmes with experts. It will also be an always-on business community for entrepreneurs and customers.

Online+In-Person Event After a Year

After Covid-19 brought with it a period of lockdown throughout 2020, and most of this year as well; everyone waited for the unlock process to begin, which did thanks to the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. This year Dreamforce 2021 is going to be hybrid and will include both in-person and online participation of business professionals and Salesforce enthusiasts.

What Else Does it Have?

  • The main attraction of the event will have 100+ hours of original on-demand content.
  • Surprise launches to empower industries and thought leadership.
  • Four channels will stream content according to industry, roles, topics curated for you.
  • Interactive sessions with demos and your questions with answers by the industry leaders.

Don’t forget the mega celebration with its surprises and parties!

How Can You Join In?

Exciting isn’t it? Here’s how the joining process is like for this year, you can participate online now and get your share of valuable insights from the big players in the market:

  • Do You Have the Invite?: For Dreamforce San Francisco in-person participation you need an invite. If you receive a personal link to register through email, then know that you’re invited. This link will be non-transferable.
  • Vaccination is a Must: Furthermore, you should be fully vaccinated as well keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocol for attending offline events.
  • Go the Trailblazer Way!: For the virtual event however you must create your Trailblazer ID through the Trailblazer.me page. You can create an account using your Google, LinkedIn, Apple or Facebook account.
  • Salesforce+ for Your Streaming Experience: You will be able to join through your Trailblazer ID into the Salesforce+ account, which will make its debut with Dreamforce 2021. You can sign up for free.


Dreamforce 2020 or Dreamforce to You saw Salesforce acquiring Slack, introducing Hyperforce and Einstein Automate, and announced Service Cloud Workforce Engagement. Similarly, in Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce expanded its partnership with AWS, revealed Einstein Voice, and launched the Trailhead Go Mobile app.

Now is the time to look forward to the surprises held by the upcoming Dreamforce 2021. This is your chance to give, share, learn and envision a new future with Dreamforce.

Algoworks, is a Salesforce® partner and a consultant who has been celebrating Dreamforce since 2013. We are overjoyed for the Dreamforce 2021! Are you as well? Share your comments below.

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This blog has been published with references from Salesforce Ben and Inspire Planner.

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