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Spreakers of 2021

Let’s take a look at the visionary speakers of 2021 who’ll talk about the future!

All About Success anywhere, Dreamforce everywhere.

One of the largest conferences in the world, Dreamforce is an annual event hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco, California. Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic hitting us this year, Salesforce has decided to rebrand itself as Success anywhere, Dreamforce everywhere. and host the entire event virtually. The event is reimagined for the all-new, work-from-anywhere world.

The best part about this year’s Dreamforce is that it is going to be free! Anyone from anywhere can sign up for the free sessions and keynotes and experience the magic from any part of the world. The keynote will kick off on 21st September 2021. Dreamforce as a whole will take place September 21–23, 2021.

Why Dreamforce is fun?

Dreamforce will celebrate customer success, share Trailblazer stories, and give the opportunity to learn from each other. This event will bring insightful and relevant conversations, and showcase Customer 360 innovations geared for the new, all-digital world.

Fun at Dreamforce 2019

salesforce Dreamforce 2019
Our Association

Algoworks and Dreamforce®

Since 2013, Algoworks has been affiliated with Dreamforce®. We have always enjoyed being a part of such a grand event. Mr. Pratyush Kumar, Co-Founder and Director of Algoworks, has been an ardent participant of Dreamforce® for many years.
The knowledge and findings gained from the event has been of great benefit. Mr. Pratyush Kumar also connects with people looking for services relating to customization and development.


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What is Dreamforce all about?

Dreamforce® is a must-attend event as it offers numerous sessions to help every role in every industry succeed, and gives the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest product innovations. This year, Success anywhere, Dreamforce everywhere. is offering a space dedicated to content, demos, luminary sessions, and a whole lot of Trailblazer love. We will get to witness the power of Customer 360, share stories of working in a pandemic, network with other Trailblazers virtually, and be entertained by a few surprise guests!

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