Android 12 is Coming with Major Tweaks!

Android 12 is Coming with Major Tweaks!

Android 12 release is making the news. After the Android 9 Pie, there was the most used Android 10 with the API 29 and the very recent one released on 9th February 2020 was the Android 11, before one could get used to the surprises of Android 11, which is not rolling out in ASUS, Motorola, HTC, RealMe, Samsung and others in 2021; Google has announced that the stable version of Android 12 OS (API 31) will release in the upcoming weeks. The Beta versions have been rolling out since its announcement in Google’s virtual IO event, 2021 in which Android 12 Beta I rolled out for Pixel along with others. On September 8, 2020, Android 12 Beta 5, which is the final testing phase before the release of the OS.

The Beta 4 version brought in the Platform Stability finalizing SDK and NDK APIs. Now with Beta 5, developers can complete the final compatibility testing process.

Now the buzz is centered on Android 12, and the promises it has for users. It is the 19th version of Android codenamed ‘Snow Cone‘.

So Here’s What Android 12 promises to Users:

The ‘Biggest’ Design Change, According to Google

Using the new design language called Material You, Android 12 will bring in the idea that users maneuver the design themselves. A Color Extraction Protocol is used to copy the elements of design from the current wallpaper of the user. It brings in the element of individuality to the UX as well, making the design unique to the user. The elements will work as a theme and the colors will be distributed across the system. It will fluctuate according to the background used.

Search Faster with the Universal Search Button

The Universal Search Bar will bring in faster results in the Pixel Launcher. You’ll be able to access apps, contacts lists, and settings in a jiffy.

Google Clock App and Calculator Redesigned

The new OS update includes the 7.0 version of the Google Clock app. It is designed using the Material You design language and now the three digital and analog clocks will be available in your unique wallpaper’s color palette design. Similarly, the calculator app will shift from its dull colors to a pastel-hued one with interactive buttons.

Quick Tiles and One-Handed Mode

The quick settings access feature of Android where you swipe down to check notifications and click on the round icons for quick one-tap access to wi-fi, Bluetooth, location, storage, or data saver will see a design and UI change as well.

The round icons will turn to rounded rectangles and will incorporate additional information. Not only this, you will be able to bring down the top half of the display to the bottom by changing the setting

Double-Tap Launch

The feature was predicted for the stable version of Android 11, but it was not incorporated in it. However, it is estimated that it’ll be launched in Android 12.

With the double-tap feature, you will be enabled to launch apps with a double-tap on the phone’s back without using the touchscreen.

Share Wi-fi Connection Seamlessly

To join and share Wi-fi you can use your unique QR code in Android 11. In Android 12, though, you’ll find the all-new Android Nearby Share feature, where you will be able to gather the required credentials by simply tapping on the ‘Nearby‘ button under the QR code.

Update Android 12 with Google Play

This feature will bring ease of following and updating phones in time, just the way we update apps. Android Runtime‘s addition with Google Play will facilitate a streamlined process, letting users update in parts and parcels through mini software updates in place of a one major full system update.

These are the top changes Android promises its users in the upcoming Android 12 update. Stay tuned to find out what it brings for Android Developers.

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This blog has been published with inputs from India Today and Android Authority.

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