RemedyForce Can be Your ITSM Solution: Here’s How

RemedyForce Can be Your ITSM Solution: Here’s How

IT is changing the scene in all major professional fields, and its partnership with business management is helping enterprises in scaling and managing businesses, IT management services have transformed from the manual hopscotch to cloud-based execution which is a by-product of the fusion of ITSM and businesses. According to research by Flexera, 94% of enterprises are functioning seamlessly with cloud integration in their businesses. IT Service Management or ITSM will expand to more than USD 12.2 billion in 2025.

Apart from its need for business organizations in the current digital age, the utility of ITSM solutions has increased manifold with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic which has led businesses working in different industries to shift online and streamline the process as required. That’s where Management Solutions help organizations with smooth transitions and management, because of the symbiosis of IT and business software like BMC Helix RemedyForce on Salesforce, with its built-in ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library), it helps in enhancing User Visibility for better management. Let us simplify this amazing tool to help you support your requirements:

What is RemedyForce?

BMC RemedyForce is a cloud-based ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) software that enables users to utilize IT and management services at a comparatively faster rate. Not just that, it is an all-in-one solution for Salesforce® users who wish to get help with the following:

  • Resolving IT issues with ease
  • Integrate Cost reduction practices
  • IT consolidation across departments
  • Understanding of the intricate data center dependencies

This service management tool by the bmc helix platform is an attempt by to uncomplicate IT integration and business management, rather to strength IT to be the most vital tool of innovation in business.

Features of RemedyForce

How long have you been managing your IT solutions manually? Does your software feature ‘help desk’ function to resolve IT issues on first call? bmc remedyforce does that. It is easy-to-use, consists of mobile apps for IT, lets you collaborate on chat through Chatter and offers targeted business solutions. This is not all, here is an overview of the top included features of remedyforce:

  • Incident/Problem Management and Change of Configuration: The problem management features enables users to utilise RemedyForce helps managers in investigation of the problem. The investigation process is highlighted in three steps through the following:
    • 1) Problem Investigation form and managers can review the ‘incident request’ in the first step.
    • 2) the second works on ‘root cause analysis’,
    • 3) The final step is followed by ‘analysis review.’

If change or configuration management is required, it is initiated, otherwise the problem is closed.

  • Asset and Client Management: Through the Asset/Client Management feature, organisations can automate client management through ‘discovery’, ‘configuration’, ‘security’ and ‘management’ of IT end points. The process consists of 5 modules which are- inventory management, patch report, deployment, compliance and Remote resolution of issues for the overall health of your business.
  • Agentless Discovery and Multi-Cloud Discovery: You can now identify different dependencies of hardware, software, and services in the multi-cloud environment and discover assets and their dependencies from any point of beginning. BMC Helix Discovery feature will let you discover cloud instances and discover components. You can initiate Agentless Discovery through the Automation of the population of CMDB and this feature is free of cost in remedyforce salesforce
  • Self-Service: The self-service feature allows clients to create and resolve their incidents and requests. It can be enabled on mobile for clients after they acquire the Salesforce® platform license.

Benefits of RemedyForce

There is a trove of benefits for both managers, employees and end-users. Here’s what they are –

1. Benefits for Managers

  • Precise and Detailed Analytics: Management can make precise and informed decisions through Service Level Management by analysing reports and assessing information represented on the dashboards.
  • Know the Value of Your Investment: BMC, when enabled, can help managers realize the value of investment within 45 days or even less.
  • IT+Management=Digital Innovation: Managers can create a management hub for services which result in more digital innovation. Integration with Service Cloud is available as well and can be used with Service Cloud for IT resolution of customer problems.

2. Benefits for Employees

  • Easy Asset/Client Management: Employees can manage assets at all times in sync with configuration management which enhances customer satisfaction levels, creates an atmosphere of transparency and builds a strong CRM structure.
  • Chat Away Across Levels: RemedyForce Salesforce Chatter helps project members and teams to share files, lessen the amount of emails while collaborating in real time to promote organisational cohesiveness.
  • Service Catalog Feature: As admins working with RemedyForce, the Service Catalog comes in handy; through this, admins can keep a track of and request Mobile devices, servers for projects, request for change and do much more, and all this on-the-go with the mobile app! This not only enhances efficiency, but also helps in easing workload.

3. Benefits for End-Users

  • Self-Service and Availability of Service Catalog: RemedyForce Self-Service is one of its most commendable features where end-users can access the RemedyForce portal to search the knowledge base and resolve common help desk issues with the ITIL knowledge management process. They can also submit requests and incidents, check status updates, approve some records and communicate through Chatter.
  • Ticketing System: With the RemedyForce ticketing system even end-users can create an incident through the “Service Request” tab, the “Self Help Article” tab, and the Self-Service Search tab, as a user you can ‘Submit a Ticket’ and check the updates as you’re on-the-go, this streamlining the process.
  • Mobile Apps for IT and Business: Users can easily interact with support agents through chatter, view self-help articles, view submitted tickets and requests and approve records. All this can be managed through the BMC Helix Remedyforce app available on Salesforce AppExchange®. This makes the process and progress updates easy to manage.

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