Top Technology Trends in 2022

Top Technology Trends in 2022

A. The Year 2021 and Technology Gaps which Ensue

As the world slipped into the year 2021, no sooner did the timeline of events snowball into a picture of death and fury caused by the onslaught of pandemic. However, while some may look at the above situation as a catastrophe others conforming to the old school of thought view it in line with the old saying which goes as; “Sweets are the use of Adversity”.
By taking a more pragmatic view at deciphering the above situation, one can certainly find the lacunae within their existing technology infrastructure and its inability to integrate across industries. Hence, our blog post aims to fathom the top technology trends that would facilitate the much-needed robustness in our technology infrastructure and thereby limiting the deleterious effects of future contingencies. Let’s take you through the technology trends strategically important in relation to 2022.

B. What’s the Global Temper around Strategic Technology Trends for 2022?

Besides anticipating a greater vaccination uptake, the other areas of interest that may unfold in the year 2022 include retrofitting the older technologies to scale up with the challenges posed in the years 2020 &2021 combined. In this light, Gartner, which is better positioned as technology-driven research and consulting company, has rolled out its list of futuristic technologies that will play a pivotal role across industries.

  • Industry 4.0 Technologies:

As per Gartner’s report on the trendiest groundbreaking technologies for 2022, industry 4.0 lends the majority of contribution through technologies such as Smart Grids, Cyber-Physical Systems, and smart factories. In this league, Smart Grids offer much vitality to the incumbent infrastructure of electric grid lines that are prone to power theft or pillage in several ways.
For instance, they are deemed responsible for automating the components within the power plant empowering the consumer and suppliers with the real-time transmission data. Likewise, cyber-physical systems is a culmination of IT technology with industry-specific hardware offering a substitute to its predecessor legacy systems and operating system that was prone to hacking and intrusion attacks owing to the lack of IT firewall. Hence, incorporating cyber-systems in highly critical sectors such as dams and power plants would help them avert attempts of intrusion.

  • Technology trend in Real-estate Sector:

Falling second in the list of Gartner’s survey, home energy retrofitting technology would serve as the precursor of change by causing a landmark shift in the existing mode of design and construction-oriented activities. In this relation, energy retrofit is a novel concept fabricated in a bid to conserve energy by turning an existing commercial building into a more energy-efficient one through varied designs and construction parameters.
For instance, with the commissioning of HVAC systems condensed form for (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) energy consumption patterns by a building would show a considerable dip in the quantity. Likewise, space utilization management is another way of calibrating the energy levels within an occupied space using IoT-enabled sensors.

  • Technology trend in the Healthcare Sector:

Healthcare, being poised as one of the essential sectors has been at the receiving end of Covid-19 due to the acute crunch of backbone staff and core technologies that would have otherwise opened a gateway of options for remote treatment.
Hence, in line with the above argument technologies such as VR and haptic feedback would play a pivotal role in making up to the league of future-oriented technologies. In this light, teleoperation is one such avenue that can turn possible using VR and haptic feedback by giving an immersive experience to undertake complex medical procedures. Moreover, the stimulation caused by haptic feedback can also be roped in for people struggling with weakened dexterity.

  • Technology trend in the Business Sector:

Decision Intelligence is one such trendy concept that if clubbed with AI offers immense opportunities for businesses with their strategic decision making. This technology would constantly interact with the company’s legacy data to succor them with the prospective outcome of a decision prior to making a decision in the first place. Hence, when coupled with AI models it would provide a much-needed competitive edge to the businesses struggling with uncanny decisions.

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