Connect Salesforce to Power BI: 2 Easy Methods

Connect Salesforce to Power BI: 2 Easy Methods

A. Power BI and Business Analytics

Before panning our attention to the need for integrating Power BI with sales management platforms like Salesforce, let us get a hang of the term Business Analytics. This term resonates with the need for present-day business infrastructure that heavily relies upon the siloed business performance data for strategizing its future course of action.
Given the diverse nature of such data, it becomes a cumbersome process for companies to keep track of their track for deriving actionable insights from them. Hence, business analytics serves the purpose of obtaining trends from past data to remain steadfast in the present with business scenarios.
Now some of the folks might be wondering if it is only about business analytics then platforms like Salesforce also render the same purpose to some extent; so why so much buzz about Power BI? This post aims at answering the above question and the ways in which Power BI can be integrated with Salesforce.

B. Why is Power BI Essential for your Business?

Power BI is a data-driven technology marvel launched by Microsoft, which offers visualization features for the data accumulated from discrete and unrelated sources. In contrast to the contemporary analytic tools, Power BI acts as a business intelligence tool for analyzing and visualizing the real-time data that is not supported by platforms like Salesforce.
In addition to this, rendering the diverse nature of data into reports and customized dashboards can also be easily achieved through the Power Bi tool thereby, facilitating the business needs of your company. Besides the aforementioned aspects, the Power BI tool comes in handy in both desktops as well as cloud applications translating the migration from desktop to cloud infrastructure with the utmost ease. In succession to this, the other argument that comes to the fore is the value addition that the Power BI tool brings to salesforce objects when integrated with the Salesforce platform.

C. How does the transition to Power BI Leverage the Business Prospects of Salesforce Objects?

To begin with, the term salesforce object revolves around the intangible notion of database tables that serves in the capacity of placeholders for entity-specific to an organization. There are several salesforce objects that offer immense utility namely: Leads, Opportunity table and Contacts, etc. besides other custom objects. Let’s discuss how the transition to Power BI offers the enhanced utility of the above-discussed objects.

  • Lead:

Lead can be viewed as a prospective user that may turn into a valuable patron at quite a later stage in the sales lifecycle. By enabling the Power BI feature to your Salesforce object can help in cascading down the lead search based on their demographics or lead source.
In other words, businesses can dwell upon the insights for chalking out strategies to capture the least tapped demographic segment.

  • Opportunity Table:

Opportunity acts as one of the significant salesforce objects as it aids a business in optimizing its sales pipeline. In other words, it pertains to all the futuristic deals that await closure in terms of sales conversion. With the onset of the Power BI feature on this object, businesses could visually depict key metrics such as Lead Vs opportunity Conversion ratio that projects a much-skimmed version of data-driven insight. Now, here we come at the juncture to uncouth the methods businesses to ply on Salesforce could adopt for enabling the Power BI tool.

D. Methods for Connecting Salesforce with Power BI

Although there are many ways to facilitate a connection between Salesforce and Power BI, the two most salient ways of achieving the same are discussed below;

  • Enabling Salesforce APIs:

Salesforce Bulk API is among the list of vibrant APIs where it serves the purpose of tinkering with voluminous data while running on a completely batch mode. They are highly responsive in nature with queries undertaking operations such as update, delete, and insertion of records.
However, undergoing this method would require your business to deploy your data from Salesforce to a dedicated database offering an uninterrupted connection with Power Bi such as MySQL and PostgreSQL for generating your business reports with ease. For this purpose, check out the services offered by Algoworks to facilitate the data transfer from Salesforce to Power BI.

  • Stationing the Power BI’s in-built connector:

By switching to this method, one simply needs to deploy Power BI’s standalone connector as well as establish a data source to visualize the data through it. Moreover, while importing the data from Salesforce one could also fiddle with the purpose of reports that are to be generated through Power BI.

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