9 Paramount UX Design Online Courses to Learn in 2023

9 Paramount UX Design Online Courses to Learn in 2023

With the passage of days, the tech-driven environment is encountering an upsurge in the UX design industry. And this is backed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which states the increase of job growth by 23% between 2021 and 2031. Learning UX designing skills can be a great way to upskill. If you are eager to suit yourself in the role of a UX designer, then the good news is that you don’t have to struggle to pursue a complete college degree. The advancement of technology has resulted in numerous online lessons located on the internet, and this article covers the top ones.

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Be it a fresh start or career change, online UX courses from treasured platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn, and Udemy might act as a career-changer for you.

Top 9 Ultimate UX Design Online Lessons in 2023

Pursuing a course means investing ample funds, time, and effort into it. So, why not choose the one that aligns with your goals? This list discusses the numerous online courses that will guide your career.

9 Paramount UX Design Online Courses to Learn in 2023

1) Coursera

This design course was created by the Georgia Institute of Technology and is named – Introduction to Experience Design. The best parts about pursuing this course are its adaptable and free-of-cost nature making it convenient for newbies. The course is directed by Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga and comprises a perfect blend of readings, quizzes, lecture videos, and more.

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This course can be considered for a quick go-through without delving into the complex practical elements. The module is precise, straightforward, and quite engaging to study.

2) Skillshare

Skillshare’s module for learning the UX design process is perfect for people experiencing dilemmas about opting for this UI/UX and requires a beginner course to get a taste of the same. This course circles around educating the audience about the many innovative skills by employing bite-sized curriculums. You can easily access Skillshare’s course with a free sign-up, and browse through the numerous design lessons.

Pay heed to the one named ‘Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability’ that constitute tools, frameworks, and tactics leading to an emerging user understanding. And, all these can be learned within just 90 minutes.

3) Codecademy

Founded in 2011, the main aim of “Codeacademy is to develop a world where anyone can utilize technology to build something thoughtful. This online platform is famous for providing learning aids and practice equipment and offering various courses. One UX course, namely, ‘Introduction to UI and UX Design’ is a popular newcomer course for free that depicts the world of UX fundamentals, Figma prototyping, and website wireframes.

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4) edX

Do you regret not being able to be a part of any top-tier foreign university? If yes, then edX’s interface design course will fulfill that dream. This platform offers numerous online lectures in association with academic institutes like the biggies – MIT, Harvard, and so on.  Among all the courses it offers, the user knowledge courses are the ones that need highlighting. The most significant contributor to these courses is HECMontrealX, and the most famous course is – ‘UX Design and Evaluation MicroMasters’, covering all the essential details about designing, researching, and prototyping.

5) UX Academy

UX Academy is a popular name in the field of UX, and you will get weekly classes comprising compact class sizes. Tech enthusiasts eager to learn about the fundamentals of user knowledge and acquire confidence in developing unique projects, then this is the course. This course is renowned for comprising exceptional faculties who will thoroughly guide you during your part-time, 8-week course.

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6) Udemy

Udemy has become a familiar name in the field of education and for UX as well. The course that has gained popularity is the ‘User Experience Design Fundamentals Course’ by Joe Natoli. Those keen to absorb the fundamental design knowledge without spending a lump sum amount can undoubtedly opt for this course.

It is designed with on-demand videos simultaneously paired with assignments that will test your knowledge level after the completion of every chapter. This ten-hour course comprises every necessary ingredient concerning practical knowledge of UX.

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7) Springboard

Springboard aims to revolutionize one million lives with education. How are they planning it? They require exhaustive career coaching, hands-on experience in UI/UX, and ab. Once you successfully finish your course, you will receive the opportunity to associate with original brands.

The next step includes Springboard offering a 6-month job guarantee. You need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for that degree, apply for a minimum of four jobs per week, and associate with three contacts weekly.

8) DesignLab

DesignLab is one course that offers both part-time and full-time online study. You will experience in-demand design skills put forward through self-paced learning. If you are looking for a complete career change, DesignLab’s rigorous online program might be helpful. It will make your career ready with an ample amount of training.

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9) LinkedIn Learning

If you have a LinkedIn account, you are already halfway towards progression. There are over 4,000 online lessons imparted on LinkedIn by eminent coaches. And one of those courses is the 9-hour ‘Advance your skills in UX design course’ developed especially for people wanting to strengthen their knowledge about UI/UX. You will enjoy a free one-month period of LinkedIn learning, post which you will require the paid version to continue.

Designing is a highly pioneering and engaging process that demands your continuous attention. For people wanting to groom their knowledge of UI/UX, starting with the aforementioned beginner-friendly courses will be beneficial. Apart from that, you can always scan through the numerous blogs, information, products, and everything about UX design on Algoworks official site. The site is quite self-explanatory, offering immense guidance.

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