Do You Also Want To Build a Successful Website Redesign Strategy?

Do You Also Want To Build a Successful Website Redesign Strategy?

A website often functions as the first impression of a brand or business. Therefore, it is quite likely to say that a shoddy website appearance might act as a big turn-down for your prospective client. If you feel that your website needs a push, it is time to indulge in a website redesign strategy. It is through a redesign that your website might be able to gain back the lost audience and catch the sight of new ones. But, creating the best website design demands utmost precision, planning, ideating, and execution – failing which the website might be a big failure.

A website redesign strategy might just be the first effort towards a miraculous victory of your business.

Ways to Develop a Successful Website Redesign Strategy

Before starting with the steps to your website redesign strategy, it is essential for you to thoroughly reassess your mind about opting for a redesign. If you consider that viable, start by studying the market design plan or your top competitor sites. The following guide will provide a visible idea of how to proceed with a website redesign strategy.

1. Examine your Current Online Performance Metrics

Before hopping on to design a good website design, indulge in an exhaustive study of the performance metrics as to how they function. Delve into the long-awaiting inquiries focused on the parameters. Investigate which pages are offering the maximum traffic and which aren’t. Some of them are:

Analyze the total count of visitors and visits – Google Analytics might be a good help

  • Bounce rate vs Practical targets
  • Revamped website content for the site
  • Count of inbound linking domains
  • Count of indexed pages
  • Monthly average time of targetted audience
  • Highest functioning keywords

2. Setting a Clear Objective for your New Web Page Design

The second step of your website redesign strategy includes picking the perfect interface. Post finalizing, fine-tune your website to reflect the same. It’s vital for you to completely perceive the needs and goals of the site in order for the website design company team to comprehend smoothly as well. The best website design is only feasible when there is adroit communication regarding the following things:

Web Page Design strategy

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Tools and technology
  • Improving current SEO rankings for vital keywords
  • Expanding count of visitors and visits
  • Advertising tactics
  • Lessening bounce rate

3. Segregate your Prospective Audience

If you are driven about generating advertising campaigns suiting every specific demand of your targeted audience, then you might as well categorize your audience at the beginning itself. This division will directly positively impact your marketing plan resulting in the proper utilization of the investment. Ask yourself the subsequent questions during your website redesign strategy.

  • Who would be benefitted from the site?
  • What all activities will occur on my site?
  • What all pages will be visited?
  • What will the visitors acquire from the site?

4. Keep Aloof your Premium and High-Performing Assets

One mandatory step while creating the best website design is indisputably setting aside the highest-performing and premium assets. Set an inventory for the following:

High-Performing Assets

  • Highest trafficked pages
  • Highest viewed or shared website content
  • A handful of inbound links for separating pages
  • Top performing keywords making you rank

5. Assessment of Competitor’s Website

If you catch your competitor climbing the ladder of success, it is time to include a thorough analysis of their site in your website redesign strategy. Learn what they are incorporating for an escalated rank on the search engines, how they are gaining all the targetted audience, and so on. But, the thing to record is replicating your competitor’s activities is never a thing to do.

Note their activities and during your website redesign process, create something extravagant by incorporating the newest market trends and tactics. The best way to strategize your website redesign is to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of its competitors.

6. Emphasizing the Content

There is nobody who doesn’t like fresh content, therefore, it is essential to focus on the content as you indulge in your website redesign process. From eBooks, press releases, videos, images, blogs, whitepapers, and articles, to social media content, the options are abundant. But, blogging tends to be the most immaculate for expanding your website visitors. Maintaining an editorial calendar that will include prior creation of innovative topics, keyword research, content optimization for search engines, and more, is necessary during your website redesign strategy.

7. Transforming your Visitors

It is necessary for your website redesign strategy to comprise the way how you can boost your conversion rates. To define the same, a conversion can be stated as any that transforms a visitor into anywhere near to becoming a customer. CTAs or Calls-To-Action or landing pages are good ways of converting visitors.

8. Defining the Website Motive

A good website design will always present your brand, your mindset, and the targets you wish to achieve. Therefore, you need to emphasize what your messaging, branding, and value proposition would be. The website should be crisp enough to help the audience understand what you offer, and how they can associate with your product or service. In order to emphasize your branding, follow these 3 steps in your website redesign strategy:

  • Focus on the USPs of the brand
  • Determine the demands and expectations of the clients
  • Create an inventory of your expertise and specialties

A website redesign strategy might have a highly flattering impact on your business. But, it is necessary to choose the correct set of professionals who have ample understanding. With Algoworks, your website will be gifted with a completely revamped interface. The UI UX team is outstanding in their work, and you will be continuously guided throughout the process.

About Us: Algoworks is a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is reputed for its partnership with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Algoworks is an expert in UI/UX Designs with experience catering to enterprises belonging to all domains. This includes: Brand Strategy, Product Design, UX Research, UI & Animation and Design Testing. For more information, contact us here.

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