15 Top UI/UX Trends To Watch Out In 2024 That Will Dominate

15 Top UI/UX Trends To Watch Out In 2024 That Will Dominate

Are you aware that there are 5.4 billion apps and almost 1 billion websites in the world? But 4 out of every 5 apps find themselves abandoned by users. It’s not that these apps are not helpful, but it’s due to their poor or obsolete design. It signifies the importance of tracking the latest UI-UX design trends. A clutter-free design enhances your site’s look, improves the user experience, and makes it more positive. That can be a game changer for your business as it can help your app grab the user’s attention, which is crucial in this cut-throat competitive world. Using a novel and distinctive design lets you nurture and convert leads more quickly.

It also allows you to stay up to date with trends by enabling you to utilize new technologies. Roughly 94% of users say that their lack of trust in the organization is primarily due to the poor design. Thus, your website must not only be unique in functionality but also in terms of its design. As the countdown for 2024 begins, we will present you with the latest trends in UI/UX designs to make your application more attractive and clean.

Why To Adopt The Latest UIUX Design Trends?

Before diving into the latest UI/UX design trends, let’s first understand the factors influencing its demand.


One of the major reasons why businesses must adopt these trends in their design is to leverage the latest technologies. The year 2024 is the year of AI, Augmented Reality, VR, and many others. Thus, businesses need compelling designs for seamless integration and to stay ahead of the curve.

Mobile Centric

Even in 2024, mobile phones are going to dominate the digital landscape. Thus, the companies must ensure that their UI/UX designs are user and mobile-friendly. So that they provide a seamless experience across all devices and help businesses dominate their sector.

Continuous Evolution

One thing that businesses must always keep in mind is that people get bored quickly. This is particularly valid for the UI/UX and fashion sectors. So, your application’s design must be constantly evolving. It must soon adapt to the latest trends and technology. Market giants like Facebook and Google regularly update their designs to keep their audiences engaged.

Before delving into the blog, it’s essential to explore the darker aspects of UI/UX. A recent report reveals the existence of certain dark patterns in UI/UX that manipulate decision-making and how companies employ these dark patterns. For detailed information, refer to the ASCI study reveals the dark side of UI/UX.

Now, let’s talk about the trending UIUX Trends to enhance your designs in 2024!


15 Top UI/UX Design Trends For 2024

01. Responsive UI design

It means making digital stuff that looks good and works well on all gadgets, like phones and computers. It’s essential now because many people use different devices to go online. For a responsive UI, you must consider the screen size and quality of the device. Therefore, you must ensure that your design is easy to use no matter what gadget they use.

02. Neural Interfaces

Neural User Interfaces (NUIs) let you control technology using your thoughts. They use a brain-computer interface (BCI) that catches signals from your brain and turns them into device commands. Even though NUIs are still new, they’re getting famous for designing interfaces in 2024.

They make interacting with tech feel natural and fun. Plus, they can create interfaces that adapt to each person’s preferences, which is helpful. Using NUIs can also make using tech easier on our minds and bodies, making it more convenient.

03. Individual Learning

Covid was a great blessing for learning enthusiasts [check out the best UX design online courses to learn] as it introduced the concept of online learning. During which, it witnessed massive growth. From secondary schools to postgraduate courses, everyone was learning something through the Internet. But only 5 to 15 percent of the registered people completed the course.

One primary reason behind this was the need for more motivation. But UX is changing these numbers through remote feedback and matchmaking technologies.

04. UX Writing

Things are evolving in the fast-moving world. Today, people want quick and to-the-point information. They don’t have time for creative and decorated words. It is what led to the rise of microcopy or UX writing. They help them understand the brand story in a better way.

05. Glass Morphism

It is also an emerging trend in 2024 that will help your application or website look unique. Glass Morphism usually has a semi-transparent background with a subline border. The multiple-layer objects add depth to the design. Apple introduced the concept in 2013. Glass Morphism works well when used on one or two elements.

06. 3D Visual Elements

Gone are the days of flat, boring designs; it’s time to upgrade your app with the trending 3D elements. These are highly captivating and add realism to your designs. 3D elements can capture your audience’s attention. It helps you to forecast yourself as a modern and innovative business. You can also leverage 3D icons to showcase your products or critical elements.

07. Motion Design

One of the best methods to tell your brand’s narrative is through motion design. It makes your audience more engaged and improves their interactions. Adding well-designed motion graphics can make your website or application lively. It also helps prepare your audience to consume a large volume of information.

08. Anthropomorphic Animations

However, animations are something familiar to the website designs. One latest addition in 2024 is the Anthropomorphic Animations. These animations can naturally attract your audience and thereby enhance engagement. Anthropomorphism is assigning human characteristics to nonhuman objects. And according to research, humans get attracted to things similar to themselves.

09. Password-Less Login

Although the passwords were to make things safe and secure for the people, a recent study depicts a different story. As per this survey, around 57 percent of people forget their password soon after they reset it. It raises the need for password-less login, and it is one of the fastest-growing trends in UI/UX design in 2024.

10. Air Gesture

One emerging trend in the mobile application world is the air gesture control. It allows a user to perform tasks by making body gestures. For instance, they can take a selfie through their palm. Users can wave their hands in the air to perform actions. This feature allows the user to use their phone without touching it. Even Google has added air gestures in the Android 12 beta.

11. VR and AR

Some of the newest innovations in the field of design include AR and VR. The amount of user interaction has increased because of this technology. Apart from the gaming sector, AR and VR are gaining popularity in tourism, automobiles, and hospitals. The AR/VR market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 85 from 2016 to 2021.

12. Sustainability

As a result of the global warming crisis, being environmentally friendly is no longer a luxury. An efficient website offers a Swiffer user experience to the user. It also ensures reduced power consumption and thereby curtails the carbon footprint. Thus, incorporating sustainable design helps you align your brand towards social responsibility.

13. Multi-Platform Design

In a world where people own more than one digital device, it has become necessary for businesses to provide consistency in design across multiple devices. Thus, multi-platform design will be a leading UI/UI design trend in 2024. It ensures that the user’s experience remains the same across the device. Proving cross-platform design also fosters trust among the users.

14. Personalization

Personalization has a significant impact on the user experience. It extends the visit time and boosts user engagement and conversion rate. Businesses can create themes, colors, and layouts according to the user’s preferences. In this competitive digital market, customizing the design might help your firm stand out.

15. Voice User Interface

According to Google, around 125 million people use voice search features worldwide. It signifies the importance of voice searches, and the estimation is that it will increase by 20 percent in 2024. Besides Google Search, 31% of people prefer a voice interface for sending emails or text. It is what makes voice user interface the growing UI/UX designing trends of 2024.

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Bonus Points

16. Ultimate ChatGPT UX Cheat Sheet

In the age of ChatGPT and AI, the question looms: will they replace UI/UX designers? Rather than replacing, ChatGPT becomes a helpful sidekick, simplifying daily tasks with its UX cheat sheet. Integrating ChatGPT and AI doesn’t just simplify; it sparks creativity, setting innovators apart.

Imagine an AI-powered ChatGPT, effortlessly engaging users in human-like conversations. Its user-friendly interface makes it a must-have for today’s UI/UX designers.

Check our ultimate ChatGPT cheatsheet for a more streamlined and creative design journey!

17. Common Mobile App UX Design Mistakes

Mobile apps are now essential to our daily lives, serving various purposes. However, not all apps are equal, and a crucial factor for success is user experience (UX) design.

Forrester Research reveals that 81% of users delete an app after one bad experience. Unfortunately, many developers still make common UX mistakes, leading to frustration and app abandonment.

Echoing Steve Jobs, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works”. Business leaders emphasize UX’s vital role in successful mobile apps.

To avoid pitfalls, businesses must prioritize seamless UX—focusing on usability, simplicity, and accessibility. By investing in thoughtful design, apps can meet user needs and enhance the overall experience.

Check out the full details of common mobile app UX design mistakes and learn how to avoid them.


Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the UI/UX design is the soul of your website and application. Therefore, it must be simple and user-friendly, but at the same time, it must be unique. By integrating these trends into your design, you can raise the bar for your users. Upgrading gives your company a competitive advantage as well. It increases the user satisfaction and reduces the bounce rates. A fresh design reflects your commitment to modernity and enhances your brand image. Thus, these latest UI/UX trends can help you stay visually appealing in the crowded world.

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