Ultimate ChatGPT UX Cheat Sheet: Disclosing The Best Tricks For UI/UX Designers

Ultimate ChatGPT UX Cheat Sheet: Disclosing The Best Tricks For UI/UX Designers

With the explosion of ChatGPT and AI, will it replace the UI/UX Designers? ChatGPT can help them simplify their day-to-day activities. Most professional UI UX designers are always looking for impressive design ideas. ChatGPT UX cheat sheet comes handily, saving the designers time and effort.

The integration of ChatGPT & AI will amplify the creativity in the design and separate the innovators from the laggards.

The AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, simulates human-like conversation to interact with the end-user. Its easy-to-use typing interface makes it an ideal tool for today’s UI UX designers. Today we’ve assembled the ultimate ChatGPT cheatsheet to help you get started!

#1 Use ChatGPT for User Research

Designers can use ChatGPT to conduct user research with UI UX design examples and gather feedback about the designs. Here are some prompts that you can try for User Research:

a) “What do you like in the product’s UX design?”
b) “What are the potential improvement areas in our UI UX designs?”
“Can you give suggestions on how to improve the design?”

Once you put the prompts, ChatGPT answers your queries so that you can do in-depth User Research.

#2 Generate UI Design Checklist

This UX cheat sheet will explain how to create a UI design checklist and ensure that all the design elements are well-optimized. Use any of the following prompts in ChatGPT to get the desired UI design checklist:

a) “Create a UI element checklist to develop a functioning eCommerce homepage.”
“Create a checklist in table form that contains all necessary development elements for a news website.”

UX Design Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

Designers can easily customize the generated checklist to add elements such as color scheme, user flow, accessibility, typography, consistency, and usability.

#3 Get Unique Page Layout or Wireframe Ideas

Are you stuck with deciding the page layout? The design cheat sheet of ChatGPT can be helpful in unleashing creative ideas with AI. Here are a few prompt suggestions that you can use to decide on page layouts:

a) “Can you suggest a suitable description of a wireframe for an eCommerce website?”
b) “Which page layout styles will be suitable for an educational website?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#4 Create User Flow for UX Designs

It’s common to see lesser engagement through websites even though the content is superb with excellent user interfaces. What can be the reason? Why brainstorm when you can use the ChatGPT design cheat sheet? Here are a few prompt suggestions that can help you create an engaging user flow:

a) “Please create an engaging user flow for an adventure gaming app.”
b) “Suggest some ideas to enhance the user flow for the website xxx.com”
“How to create a user flow that promotes higher engagement?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#5 Generate a Tailored UI/UX Design System

Do you want a custom-tailored design system that ensures consistency and quality in UX design work? ChatGPT can help you create the ultimate UI UX design system that fulfills your UX design needs. You can use a detailed prompt to clarify your requirements to ChatGPT, like:

“Write step-by-step documentation to create a design system for a button “click/select.” Represent the details in a table format with state specifications like clicked, archive, hover, active, disabled, and default. Describe each of the states with different design tokens.”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#6 Use UX Cheat Sheet for Design Personalization

User Experience personalization is the most crucial aspect of any UX design. ChatGPT can help UX designers create fully personalized user experiences. To help you, here are examples:

a) “I’m designing an e-commerce website. I plan to personalize the UX based on the user’s browsing history. Can you suggest some design strategies?”
b) “I’m developing a mobile app that offers a personalized onboarding experience to new users. How can I design this experience to be more effective and engaging?”
“I want to create a personal dashboard for managing financial investments. Can you suggest how to design this dashboard based on user preferences?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#7 Create Customer Suggestions to Include in UX

UX designers can use the ChatGPT UX cheat sheet to create helpful customer suggestions. These suggestions help them provide an engaging UX to the end-users. For example, they recommend products based on user preferences, personalize search results, create personalized promotional offers, etc.

a) “Based on my customers’ past purchases, suggest some products they might like?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#8 Find Suitable UX usability Testing Tools & Methods

Is it challenging for you to select the best-suited usability testing method? ChatGPT system design cheat sheet can help you find suitable testing tools and techniques by providing expert recommendations. Just ask ChatGPT any of the prompts:

a) “Can you suggest effective usability testing methods for my mobile app design?”
“I’m looking for user feedback tools for my web application. Can you recommend some suitable ones?”
“I need to conduct A/B testing for my e-commerce website. Can you suggest some reliable tools for that?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#9 Get Excellent Design Resource Suggestions

Looking for the best design resources to create engaging UX designs? Ask ChatGPT to get personalized recommendations on finding design inspiration by:

a) Choosing the right design tools,
Learning new design skills,
Watching online design blogs and tutorials,
Accessing design communities. 

Here are a few prompts to ask ChatGPT to get design resource suggestions: 

a) “Recommend some design blogs or websites to get inspiration for my UX design project.”
“I’m looking to improve my design skills. Can you suggest some online courses that I can take?”

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

#10 Create Website or Web Page Copies

Who says a single idea creates a single website? Use the ChatGPT design patterns cheat sheet to create separate website versions based on your vision. You need to use Lorem Ipsums to get elaborate details about different website versions from ChatGPT!

UX Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

It’s Time To Ask ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a versatile AI-powered tool that can simplify any UI/UX designer’s life! Now you have a bunch of inspirations following the UX cheat sheet. It’s time to ask ChatGPT what you need. Even though most of the examples are generic, you can leverage ChatGPT with these simple tips:

a) Provide a clear brief about your requirements with relevant design ideas.
Ask questions about different page elements and layout ideas.
Share examples of pages or websites for reference.
Collaborate by providing your suggestions to ChatGPT. 

You are the controller of ChatGPT’s capabilities. Based on the ideas generated through the conversations, you can enhance UI/UX designs like never before!

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