Why Google’s AI Pioneer’s Departure is a Wake-Up Call for Tech?

Why Google’s AI Pioneer’s Departure is a Wake-Up Call for Tech?

The hottest tech news on Google today! Geoffrey Hinton, one of the pioneers of AI Technology, has finally made a high-profile exit from his role at Google! Often called the ‘Godfather of Artificial Intelligence’, his final video is surfacing over the internet, where he talks about the dark side of AI and how it can impact humankind!

Geoffrey talked candidly during his interview with the New York Times, “explaining the decision of his sudden exit! The entire tech industry is left with one question – What’s next? How to use AI sustainably?”

In this blog, we will take a closer look at Geoffrey’s decision and analyze what he meant for the future of artificial intelligence.


A Quick Look At Geoffrey’s Achievements in AI

Geoffrey Everest Hinton, age 75, is known for his published research on Machine Learning, Neural Information Processing, and Artificial Intelligence. With 40+ years of technology experience, he has written 200+ peer-reviewed publications.

Since 2012, Geoffrey has been working at Google as a Scientist. He has actively created the technology base that became the bedrock of today’s popular AI Systems like Google Bard, ChatGPT, etc. He has developed various deep learning algorithms essential to run Google Search.

Geoffrey co-founded the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto, which focuses on inspiring researchers on Machine Learning and AI. His previous research on Capsule Neural Networks was published in 2017 as an open-access research paper for today’s generation. With today’s tech news Google, it’s clear that Geoffrey no longer plans to continue his research in Artificial Intelligence. But why?


Decoding Geoffrey’s Interview On Impact and Potential of AI 

In the 40-minute-long interview with CBS Saturday Mornings, Geoffrey Hinton gets candid as he mentions, “I agree to the concept that says humanity is a passing phase in the technology evolution with artificial intelligence.

Geoffrey said he quit Google mainly because of the company’s continuous pushover to revolutionize AI systems like Google Bard. Today tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are competing with each other, focusing on who can bring out the better AI tools!

After working on Machine Learning modules for over a decade, Geoffrey now regrets the efforts he put into enhancing the capabilities of AI tools. Geoffrey says, “Artificial Intelligence is a machine’s capability to think and act like humans.” He says he consoles himself by saying. “If I had not taken action, someone else may have done so.

In his latest tweet, Geoffrey said that he plans to speak about the potential future of artificial intelligence and its risks. He also clarifies that he does not intend to criticize the corporal decisions of Google or any other tech firm that plans to release AI systems publicly.

Instead, Geoffrey wishes to share his life-long experience with artificial intelligence modules, language processing systems, and machine learning. He said,

“I left Google to speak about the dangers of AI. I don’t want to consider how this can impact Google.


Google’s Response

Google has acted very responsibly by taking Geoffrey’s decision positively. Jeff Dean, the current Chief Scientist at Google, said Google is thankful for Geoffrey’s continuous efforts for the company. The company acknowledged Geoffrey’s foundational breakthroughs in AI that have helped Google to take a more significant leap in AI Advancements.


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How Can The Tech News Google Impact Us?

Geoffrey’s warning roars. Business analysts, scientists, and technology researchers agree that AI is creating new ways of causing harm to us. Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are autonomous deep fakes. Let’s take a look at the potentially dangerous sides of Artificial Intelligence:

a) Anyone can create AI-powered weapons that come with unintended consequences. For example, AI tools make decisions without human contribution.

b) AI systems train themself using large data sets. Data with biased information contaminates the AI system as these start suggesting ideas that trigger social inequalities.

c) The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, finance, logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries is overpassing human capabilities.

d) AI-powered tools can create human-like audio, images, and videos. Hence, these can create realistic-looking videos that spread false information.

d) With AI taking over human capabilities, millions of workers, engineers, developers, and professionals worldwide can become jobless.

e) AI systems handle personal data without any limit. It raises high privacy concerns about protecting individual rights.

Indeed, AI systems and their outcomes are difficult to predict. With so many opposing sides, it’s clear that today’s world is ready to embarrass the dangerous sides of AI!


What Can We Do? The Future of AI

The tech news Google about Hinton’s departure is a warning to Us! Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially revolutionize how today’s world operates. However, we are responsible for analyzing the future potential risks of Artificial Intelligence while innovating boldly.

As we move forward, We must control the development of AI systems. Tech companies and Inventors should take measured actions about publically releasing AI tools and techniques. The capabilities of AI systems should be used in ways that benefit us and society!

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