Product Design vs UX Design: A Comparative Study

Product Design vs UX Design: A Comparative Study

Do you know one thing that people in the design industry love to debate about, it’s job titles. Product Design vs UX Design – these two roles might seem superfluous, but they actually play different and essential roles in the product development lifecycle, though both employ the design thinking process for problem-solving. Product designers aim at recognizing how well the product works with the satisfying customer experience, while UX designers have an eye on how the users interact with its design.

On paper UI UX designers have similar roles and therefore sometimes they can be interchangeable in the company. But, technically a lot of differences exist between both. This blog will give you clarity on both terms evidently.

What is UX Design?

UI DesignA UX Design primarily focuses on the people. It is a process of creating a more user-friendly product. In product design vs UX design, the latter is an extensive and integrative field. It considers how a user interacts with the product or the service. It then considers the role of each element that plays a critical role in user experience. A UX design aims to create a unique and flawless user experience.

A UX designer is a key connecting point between the user or the customers and the business that launches the product. A professional UX designer works as a UX Researcher, Data analyzer, and presenter to communicate their ideas clearly to other team members. They also have to perform various tests and experiments to make products better and more user-friendly.

Design is not about the appearance it’s all about the experience” – Steve Jobs

UX Designer skills

While analyzing various job posts for a UX designer on some of the leading recruitment sites we can conclude that as a UX designer you must have mastered the following skills:

  • Clear concept and strong understanding of the design process.
  • Must be able to use designing tools like the sketch, Figma, etc.
  • Must know how to conduct user research and do competitor analysis.
  • Have a great analytical mind.
  • He must be aware of prototyping and wireframing.

What is Product Design?

Product Design

In doing a comparison between Product Design vs UX Design, a product design is a process used by the product designer. With the objective to blend the needs of the user with the business goals. To create successful products. Just like the UX designer, a product designer also works to optimize the user’s experience. By working on existing products to develop and design new features. So, it stays competitive in this evolving market. It is also the responsibility of a product designer, to make the product more effective, efficient, and easy to use.

This simply means that not only do they create a product that is delightful to use but also fine-tuned to the marketplace. In Product Design vs UX Design, a former must have a concept of the entire product manufacturing process. A successful designer must have a clear understanding of coding and other languages like JSS, and HTM. He must also have good problem-solving skills. As a product designer, the person is responsible for enhancing the user experience of using the product.

Create awesome products with a good observation instead of a great idea.

Product Designer Skills

In order to work as an expert product designer in various leading organizations you must have the following skills:

  • Capable of using various designing tools like Adobe, Figma, XD
  • Must have a strong understanding of applying design
  • Must have great planning skills and product development skills
  • Have a portfolio that shows designs across device and desktop
  • Must contribute toward design system

Similarities between products design vs UX design?

It is clear that there are various similarities between a UI and UX designer. Both have to undergo a long process of research with a common objective of creating a user-friendly product. It’s just like when you see a beautiful building it’s not just the architect that needs to be praised, but various other people, who have also contributed to the construction of the building. civil engineer, massion, labor, Gardner, or the electrician to name a few.

But of all those civil engineers and architects are the two basic building blocks. Similarly when you use a product then UI UX designers are two important building blocks. Now that we have understood the similarities between the two profiles, it’s time to understand Product design vs UX design.

Product design vs UX design – the real difference

Product design vs UX design

Now jumping to the main point of discussion: Product design vs UX design. There are lots of differences between them like a product designer is more calculated as compared to a UX designer. Let’s find out the difference between UI UX Design in every aspect.

1. Designing Method

Product design vs UX design methods are different. The former is responsible to build the feel and look of the product, whereas the latter is only responsible for the product’s feel.

2. Target and Responsibility

Responsibility and Target are yet other important criteria for Product design vs UX design. As a product designer, the objective is to fulfill the requirements of the company’s needs. While the UX designer is primarily more concerned about the requirement of the user.

3. Skill Set Needed

On comparing skills of Product design vs UX design, we conclude that both require a different set of skills. Like a product designer must have research, planning, and testing skills. On the other hand, a UX designer must have analytical skills that help him to analyze the demand of the users.

4. Research

The level of research between Product design vs UX design is also different. In this comparative analysis, UX design aim at the behavior of the user. On the other hand, a Product designer is more interested in the market and competitor analysis.

5. Testing

In product design vs UX design, the UX designer conducts a usability test, while a product designer performs tests on existing devices focused on increasing their usability and business opportunities.

Product and UI UX Design

So, which are you?

Still confused, about which job title suits best for your roles. Then these point-by-point comparisons of Product design vs UX design can be helpful in removing your confusion.

Design Environment

A UX designer works to create a new design. He may also work on redesigning an existing design; on contrary, a product designer works on inherent design to make it more user-friendly.

Work Environment

A UX designer works with project managers whereas a product designer also works with a project manager but with a slightly different aim of fulfilling the requirements in terms of features of the products.


A UX designer adopts a waterfall method which consists of phases and projects while a product designer works on sprints and release cycles via agile methods.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this comparative analysis between Product Design vs UX Design has given you clarity about it to a great extent. A UX designer initiates the product after analyzing the competitor’s and consumers’ behavior. It is his prime objective to create a user-friendly and innovative product. On the other hand, a product designer continuously works on improving the features of existing products so that they become more user-friendly. Both UX and UI designers work towards the fulfillment of customer goals.

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