Cross Platform App Development in 2022 – An Interesting Guide For Entrepreneurs

Cross Platform App Development in 2022 – An Interesting Guide For Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in the current times requires businesses to go digital on the web or through various mobile applications. According to a report by Intellectsoft, mobile app revenues have reached $133 billion by 2021 with mobile gaming being one of the strongest segments.

There is a constantly growing number of business applications on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. Therefore, we are going to explain to you how you can enhance your business by choosing the right mobile app development platform, frameworks, and tools without any hurdles. You will also get to learn why successful businessmen prefer cross platform app development over react react native app development to build smarter applications.

Just a Right Choice & you are ahead of the curve in mobile app development market

What is Cross platform App Development?

Cross platform app development is computer software that is designed to efficiently work on several computing platforms.

While investing in cross-mobile applications, choosing a cross platform app development means that you opt to develop applications with an approach using one code base, thereby creating two applications, all together for Android app development and iOS.

cross platform app development

While choosing the cross platform framework during the development of your app, go through the number of stars, i.e. recognition it has received from people on Github – a software developer dealing with the distribution and download of particular frameworks.

Flutter has become the largest cross platform app development framework due to the constant efforts made by Google toward improving its services in the last two years.


  • It is more beneficial from a business point of view as it requires decreased development and testing time
  • It is also consistent in its design and UX is taken into consideration. Moreover, a single team can handle the developments in both platforms parallelly.
  • Cross platform app development is also ideal for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) applications.
  • Since the risk incurred is less as you get to decide which app development approach to adopt, the cost of development is also low
  • The target audience of Cross Platform Development is large and so is the reach of the technology.
  • Since it consists of a single code that can be utilized on multiple platforms, it becomes portable. The quality of being transported easily is one of the reasons the users prefer this technology. It is also one of the top reasons why it is easy to market and sell Cross Platform App Development.


  • Working simultaneously on the development of an app can be complex.
  • It faces performance issues due to its integration with certain operating systems.
  • It has a limited number of tools.
  • There are a few security Issues – UX Challenge.
  • It has a harder code design.
  • You will have to wait for a long time to enjoy new features.

Why should you choose Cross Platform App Development over Native App Development?

The battle of nominating which one platform is better: Cross Platform Mobile App Development or Native App Development is forever-going. The entire tech community is divided on which side to pick. As discovered in the paragraphs above both Cross Platform App Development or Native App Development as technologies have their own merits.

Native App DevelopmentThe biggest reason why entrepreneurs are using the first technology is to reduce redundant tasks and maximize efficiency. Cross Platform App Development promotes engagement with the users. This in return increases your share of voice as a brand or service and provides you with a better presence in the online biodiversity.

Top Cross Platform App Development technologies

Now that you know the basics of Cross Platform App Development, let us explore which app is ranking high in the market and is worth investing in. Here’s the list below:

1. Flutter

2. React Native

3. Cordova

4. Xamarin

Tips for best cross platform app development

No matter how easy or efficient technology is, it is always better to invest in proper research and methodology. If you are wondering how you can develop a Cross platform App for it to become a huge success, we have got some tips for you:



No technology succeeds in the market if they have not utilized the research aspect appropriately. The research for the Cross platform app development will help you understand the deep-rooted insights. It will unveil the requirements of your users. The market research will unfold the attempts of your competitors and what they have been developing to cater to their users. It will also get you a closer estimation of the cost required to develop the technology best suited for your users.


The app needs to be good-looking for it to sell, and the user should feel compelled to invest in it. Most organizations give in to the feeling that the look of the app does not matter as long as it is functioning; trust us that’s not true! The visual appeal and aesthetic beauty of any app sell more. Cross platform app development helps the user interact and engage better with the interface of the app. The UI/UX designs have principles and following those principles will lead you to the path of success.


The best app developers in the playground know the real difference between the preferences of an Android app user and that of an iOS user. An inexperienced developer won’t know the difference in the expectations of both. There needs to be a balance acquired between the principles of design and platform functionality. With the accurate usage of CSS & HTML, a perfect balance for cross platform app development can be acquired and will lead to customization as per user needs.

Local caching

The cache can be used to render information stored to boost the performance of the app. The second methodology of executing this would be by storing data in local storage. Using the cache for local storage can minimize server calls and network requests.

Leverage existing components

The popular cross platform mobile app comes with trustworthy available components of code. These constituents can be used to replicate the success of the existing app effortlessly. This can help in the reduction of development time and ensure quality. All you have to do is plug the module into the developing project; viola you have a cross platform mobile app in no time!

Rigorous testing


Testing the app again once done with cross platform app development will let you know the faults and follies. This also gives you real-time insight into how a user would feel looking and using the app. To develop a user-friendly app, the design, functionality, and performance need to be on-point. There are multiple applications and software available in the market that can help any developer achieve the golden balance of performance and design which would encourage the user to invest their time in the app.

Wrap Up

The biggest reason for investing in cross platform app development is cost-effectiveness. This popular framework has been bringing a revolution in the mobile app development market at a faster pace. The change in the latest digital landscape has pushed organizations to have an online presence. The entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the ease and cost-efficiency quotient to leverage their business in 2022.

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