5 Solid Reasons To Prove – Cloud Computing is A Key to Business Success

5 Solid Reasons To Prove – Cloud Computing is A Key to Business Success

Cloud computing – does the term sound familiar to you? Or are you new to it? Have you been using Gmail or Hotmail for all your communication purposes? Or video calling through Skype, using video platforms like Vimeo or Youtube, or backing up some kind of data on the Internet without the help of any external device – you’ve already used the cloud. Cloud computing is recently the talk of the town because of its immense benefits. In fact, according to a study by the International Data Group, 69% of organizations have implemented cloud based software in one capacity or the other, and the other 18% state that they have scheduled to incorporate it pretty soon.

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What is Cloud Computing?

It might happen that you are not aware of the whole cloud computing scenario. It’s not that complex a thing and can be easily understood with this explanation. In the simplest terms, it is the offering of computing services like storage, software, databases, analytics, networking, intelligence, and more – over the Internet. This enables swift access, innovation, adaptability in handling resources, and economies of scale. A factor about cloud computing is noteworthy – you pay only for those cloud services you want to work with. This way your operating costs are reduced, you are able to function your infrastructure more efficiently, and also mount your business in the most optimum way.

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Here are some types of it:

1. Public Cloud Computing: This is possessed and functioned by third parties like Microsoft Azure.

2. Private Cloud Computing: This is owned and functions by a single party (business or organization).

3. Hybrid Cloud Computing: They share public and private possessions.

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

It is according to Gartner analysts, cloud applications revenue is supposedly going to amplify by $474 billion in 2022, and more than 85% of companies indulging in cloud technology. Now after understanding the demand for cloud computing, let us consider some of its benefits.

cloud applications

1. Amplified Accessibility

A huge percentage of companies have implemented hybrid or remote working models as compared to the pre-COVID times. Working from home is trending because of elevated accessibility. That is offered by cloud computing as it supplies the employees with continuous information 24*7. Not only that, the administrators with the help of this cloud software gain the ability to control whom to provide access to and whom to not.


2. Supreme Security

Cloud computing offers immense security to all users as it is designed to adhere to cybersecurity. This means the platform has been produced based on a promise between the producer and the user. Moreover, providers of cloud solutions like AWS, and Azure provide users the facility to establish security measures like passwords, user permissions, data encryption, and additional measures to uplift security in the organization.


3. An Affordable Option

The majority of the organizations worry about the cost to be splurged on the switch to cloud computing – and it is quite understandable. But, there are certain necessary factors to consider when making the switch to this cloud network- the foremost being the ROI.

Once the company switches to this prominent technology, they are able to save chunks of time and money due to the accessibility of the data center. And if the brand is concerned about paying money also for unnecessary features, then a fact needs to be cleared – maximum cloud computing platforms offer the facility to pay as you proceed. The pay as you proceed option is also applicable on the storage option where you the company will only be paying for the storage they are consuming.

4. Adaptability

As a business owner, dealing with multiple departments at a single time is normal. But if one department takes up plenty of time, for instance, IT solutions demanding abundant time to deal with data storage and computer, it will be waste of time. But when you hand over some functions to cloud computing to handle the IT infrastructure and hosting, you save time, and money, and also attend to other departments with the help of the data cloud.

Data cloud

The best part about hiring cloud computing businesses as compared to local servers is that the former offers flexibility. Through cloud solutions, you will be able to receive instant bandwidth without a bothersome process and that will instantly uplift your IT infrastructure.

5. Flexible Storage Capability

It often happens that when you make a purchase of an application, you either end up having excessive idle resources or negotiating with restrained capacity. Just like computer hard disks that have a restricted amount of space, leaving you with abundant data and limited storage. But with cloud computing, accessing storage is effortless. You can choose to use or not use the complete storage in order to amplify your business. You will never encounter the issue of purchasing hardware or provisioning storage, or capital while dealing with cloud computing.


Cloud computing is one of the most alleviating platforms one can implement in their businesses. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective software that offers innumerable services under one roof. To get services – Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Serverless computing, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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