10 DevOps Challenges in 2022 and How to Overcome Them Quickly?

10 DevOps Challenges in 2022 and How to Overcome Them Quickly?

DevOps is amazing technology, no doubt about that. A big chunk of companies is considering opting for DevOps. But, have you ever considered the DevOps challenges that might act like a thorn in your smooth process? Before hopping into the trend, it is of utmost importance to analyze the whole DevOps methodology and anticipate if the platform is suitable for you. In this article, learn the challenges involved in DevOps adoption along with the methods to overcome them.

Top 10 DevOps Challenges in 2022

2022 is a year of technological evolution, and DevOps is no exception. Most organizations are embracing this newness because of its uplifting facilities. Let us consider the DevOps challenges to understand if this is the right fit for your company.

DevOps challenges

1. Overpowering the DevOps Psyche

Most organizations try to level up their function by innovation. And this innovation is carried out rigorously by the development and operations team. This becomes one of the technical DevOps challenges. The main aim of these two groups is to contradict one another, resulting in fiction instances, delivering handovers, and increased expenses, alongside showcasing prolonged feedback loops.

How can this be resolved?

It all begins by creating a vision of how the organization will make both departments function together. A DevOps engineer is responsible for integrating teams – development and organization, and reducing the extra workload of an organization. Understanding when development needs to cease, and operations need to begin will resolve one of the biggest DevOps challenges.

2. Common Anticipation of Constant Delivery Practices

So, you have thoroughly understood DevOps practices, the codes that need to be implemented to reduce workload, and restrain feedback loops, and the employees have also delivered channels and CI tooling. But even after all these, one of the DevOps challenges that strike your mind – Are the teams understanding what it takes to deliver the works swiftly and continuously?

DevOps delivery practices

How can this be resolved?

To resolve this, every organization needs to perceive what continuous delivery of work means. In general, we can describe continuous delivery to be carrying out a defined set of works without hindering the workflow. When you are to define DevOps process most clearly by explaining what the ideal notion of continuous delivery is for you, accomplishing goals would be quite effortless.

3. The transition from Gigantic Architecture and Infrastructure to Microservices

One of the biggest DevOps challenges in 2022 is the transition from working in antique frameworks, and architecture, to something so crisp and microservice. When you are making this big shift, it is already a big step towards innovation.

How can this be resolved?

To implement DevOps is fun, but continuously keeping up with the innovation can be tedious. One needs to have a strong knowledge of the foundation, constant delivery practices, and configuration management adapting to the amplified functional responsibility delivered by microservices are mandatory to deal with these DevOps challenges.

4. Emphasis on Tools

One of the features of DevOps is its innovation and ease of work, but when the implementation of new tools takes place, the whole process of training the employees falls into place resulting in one of the DevOps challenges. With the inception of new tools in the market, the organizations are pushed towards training their employees in handling the tools alongside adhering to security measures and existing design.

How can it be resolved?

Here comes one of the DevOps challenges in this scene – this whole training creates distance from the team. Once you have the structure in place, its functioning will become smoother. When the process follow-up is intact, then you can decide on the tools required thereby fixing one of the DevOps challenges faced in 2022.

5. Opposition to Evolution

It might be hard for some employees to adhere to the new DevOps implementation, and that is one of the commonest DevOps challenges. The shift to DevOps need to be seamless and efficient, and the stakeholders, and team members need not feel scared of it.

How can it be resolved?

The easiest solution to this is, that once a few employees start witnessing the benefits of DevOps, everything will fall into place. The other members will start picking the change by noticing how it benefits them.

6. Clash Between Development and Operations

One of the most common DevOps challenges is the tiff between development and operations. The two teams of development and operations might be unable to synchronize.

DevOps delivery practices

How can it be resolved?

In this case, having a healthy discussion and finding which all tools can be integrated will be an alleviation. All in all, it needs to be ensured that all the members are using tools that reduce excess workload and are advanced.

7. The Learning Challenge

>p>Among the DevOps challenges, the challenge of learning new things is quite a legit one. Many employees find it hard to come out of their comfort zone and embrace new knowledge.

How can it be resolved?

Continuous learning, and adapting to new skills can be done with the help of community groups where everybody shares their part of the information.

8. An issue with Deployment and Releases

DevOps challenges include mismanagement with deployment and releases as people tend to lag in taking responsibility for deploying and product release cycle.

Devops release

How can it be resolved?

The best way to handle this glitch as stated by the DevOps developer is to start by associating closely with the operations people and carrying divided liability for the organizations, deliveries, and works – so that both the teams have their responsibilities balanced.

9. The Issue with Key Metrics

The issue with key metrics is one of the DevOps challenges where it becomes hard to find proper data to amp up the understanding of the product.

How can it be resolved?

The collection of data sometimes becomes unmanageable and that can be handled by only collecting DORA metrics that make it available for groups to ingest.

10. Implementation of Test Automation Strategy

Automated tests are of utmost importance and hold a key position in DevOps practices.


How can it be resolved?

Building a transparent idea of how the test methodology would be carried out across bigger channels, reducing the time to conduct, and showcasing your items faster in the market are all helpful with test automation strategy and resolving one of the DevOps challenges.

Wrap Up

DevOps challenges can act as thorns in an otherwise seamless working company. But there are also ways to handle these issues by implementing the right solutions. If you are unable to understand how to proceed, simply connect with Algoworks. Our experienced staff will deal with all these DevOps Adoption challenges you’re facing.

About Us: Algoworks is a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is a leading DevOps consulting company which enables continuous delivery pipeline across the cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced costs. The company’s key Salesforce Services include: Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine Services, Windows Azure, CI/CD Automation and Serverless Computing . For more information, contact us here.

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