This is Why You Should Start Using Cloud Computing

This is Why You Should Start Using Cloud Computing

Cloud storage is what most of us use on our mobile and web applications but this virtual space of the internet, i.e., cloud computing has advanced and turned into a machine room for upcoming businesses. As the pandemic goes on crushing businesses built on the old approaches, cloud computing has saved many to flourish even during these times. From sending emails to watching movies to even managing customer relationships, cloud storage has done it all.

Clearly, the most efficient way to manage, integrate, assimilate and put the tasks in a seamless flow is off the desk and onto the desktop. Business management has morphed immensely from the complications of the hardware to the lightness of cloud computing. The future is digital and so are its pathways. The cloud is how you and your customers bridge the digital dynamics with ease.

Cloud computing is not only efficient and easy to manage, but it also helps with managing resources better, saving on operating costs, and achieving more in short time spans. Apart from these features, cloud computing can help you do the following.

Advantages of cloud computing

1. Artificial Intelligence for Improved Functionality

You can incorporate AI SaaS models to bring out the most from its use by lowering adoption rates and bringing in innovation. It makes the computing experience extensive because of the symbiosis of both, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa work on the combination of these. Most SaaS cloud computing platforms are integrating AI to provide a holistic UX to clients and in turn, monitor the customers’ patterns and needs to make insightful decisions.

2. Ease in Developing Cloud-Native Applications

Incorporation of cloud-native apps and services in a business through cloud computing helps with better app development, smoother feedback from customers, and improved balancing of IT resources required as per demand. Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, and other popular platforms are providing a whole range of tools of automation. Also, more and more businesses are adopting cloud-native practices, as suggested by data published by IDC, by the year 2022 about 90% of new enterprise apps will be cloud-native.

3. Efficiency and Increased Customer Retention

Off the hassle of in-house IT complications, cloud computing helps in better optimization- with a cleaner UI and access to all essential services just a few clicks away. For instance, Salesforce Service Cloud helps in increasing customer retention by 45% because of its ease of access, and client experience. Netflix is a popular example of a fully cloud-based streaming service.

4. Lower Bills When Compared to Other Forms of Computing

Shifting your business to cloud computing is not only fast and efficient but also economical. You do not need to have your data centers or expensive computing infrastructure because you can simply pay for the applications, storage, servers, and management tools suited for your business with the help of cloud computing service providers on the internet. Cloud computing works on three models which incorporate most of what a business needs, these are- IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. The expenditure also shifts from CapEx to OpEx because of the elimination of physical equipment used, which promotes the best utilization of resources.

5. Alleviating Stress Off In-House Infrastructures through IoT

The Internet of Things is expected to expand a lot in the future and these devices will be used for monitoring, communicating, and facilitating according to consumers’ requirements. This potential boom in IoT services is expected to escalate beyond the capacity of IT departments, which is where cloud computing will come in handy.

Cloud computing has expanded a lot in a decade, from its general storage purposes to full business management and upcoming enterprises are choosing to build through cloud computing. The future holds a lot more possibilities which we are excited to look into! What do you think makes cloud computing great? Let us know in the comments!

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Ajeet SinghThis is Why You Should Start Using Cloud Computing