Salesforce Commerce Cloud To Join Hands With Facebook Dynamic Ads

Salesforce Commerce Cloud To Join Hands With Facebook Dynamic Ads

This season makes it possible for brands to leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Facebook in fresh ways to deliver product information and drive conversion on a much higher level. The fact has been justified that the connected shoppers are fundamentally and rationally transforming the concept of retail. Interaction with brands via the web, online markets, smartphones, social media has changed the face of retailing.

Salesforce has confirmed and finalized its plan to integrate the Commerce Cloud platform with Facebook Dynamic Ads with the sole purpose to provide their consumers more appropriate and relevant content. This step will aid the organizations to be capacitated enough to manage products and ads from the same place.

Facebook Dynamic Ads gives the provision to create and deliver relevant content to the appropriate people who have expressed interest somewhere or the other via net or retailer’s website, etc. Dynamic ads have the potential to reach people on any device irrespective of their original touch point with the brand. So when a user happens to click on an ad they are automatically redirected to the website of the retailer for lucid initiation of the transaction. The retailer in turn still owns and maintains the relationship with the customer.

The Concept Behind The Association

With the help of Dynamic Ads commerce cloud customers has the ability to extend their brand and products to the gargantuan and highly engaged audience of Facebook which is approximately of more than 1.1 billion daily active users. This paves the way for the shoppers to trace back to their site and thereby increase conversion and enhance sales. So as a one-liner we can describe that commerce cloud has the power to enable brands to extend the level of commerce to multiple channels which are all glued together by a centrally managed commerce platform.

At the same time, commerce cloud’s direct connection and integration with Facebook and Instagram allows connecting a product catalog to the platforms and aids to place the Facebook activity tracking pixel on a website. Brands can take advantage of commerce cloud integration with Facebook to promote products and manage the suitable and appropriate ads through a singular control panel that is used to manage their site.

The concept of shopping from any net connected device or platform or application is bound to have a profound impact on the retail domain. It typically influences the buying patterns of the shoppers and it simplifies the process of buying. Consumers have stopped following the traditional linear path but now they keep on following a meandering path between the myriad touchpoints. It ensures a significant move for the leading brands and retailers who can dynamically implement these aspects at lightning speed.

On an ending note, we are all aware of the fact that the knowledge of Salesforce gives a crystal clear picture of its functional know-hows. It has now decided to spread itself in a bigger space by claiming itself to be in partnership with Facebook. This fresh tie-up between the two big names will enhance the creative impact on these ads manifold. This association helps to make the position of both the organization stronger. With this development, brands can now ensure that their potential customers are looking at the most relevant and in-the-moment ads in their social media news feed and which in turn will help them connect better and thereby shop better!

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