Augmented Reality – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Augmented Reality – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

A- Preface

The simple fundamental which works with Augmented Reality application development process is integrating the internet with the steady products and improve the experience. Augmented Reality, when incorporated with businesses, provides enhanced experience and refines style itself. The study shows that around 82% people are using smartphones to attract the shoppers, it will lead to a strong impact on customers. Similarly, for many useful purposes, the unthinkable applications are possible by harnessing the capabilities of AR technology.

Augmented Reality has come up with several definitions but essentially it combines data from a physical world to the one which was created with digital tools. Therefore, the user sees the reality which is overlaid with suitable computer-generated information. This could be your room with 3D modeled furniture, your backyard crowded with Disney’s characters or a street with virtual routes, tailored to your taste, or as much to surprise you because you wished for surprises!

Let us have a discussion on what are the benefits of Augmented Reality for a business:

B- AR Benefits for Business

Augmented Reality is changing the shape of commerce and business. The main advantage for business in augmented reality development for tablets and smartphones is that with the availability of hardware the usage is intuitive. Such days aren’t far when you will be able to try clothes without actually wearing them (IKEA has already started doing this). All this opens so many varied avenues for Android and iPhone augmented reality application development. Adding to this, there will be future technology evolution where human sensors could touch, feel and smell.
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1- Gaming and Entertainment

Augmented Reality has shown its wonderful wonders in gaming and entertainment domain. Specifically, for gaming purpose game developers have created super applications for which people got mad and got addicted. Pokemon, the augmented reality-equipped application had a great success as it was superbly liked by the world. It experienced great grand success and took the whole world in a storm by its effects. With its victory, Augmented Reality game apps for Android and for Android and iOS got a big boost. The entertainment sector still has many more doors for Augmented Reality Technology to surprise its users.

2- Learning and Education

AR also brings genuine possibilities for the teaching and learning processes. Also, the reality provides the unique intelligence and reasoning immersed with real-life situations. Technology also provides physical and psychological experience. It also helps in getting authentic virtual experience which can be implemented in real life. With this opening of new learning avenues, medical students can easily learn their first surgery without injuring patients and even the future astronauts can be prepared for the next space mission. Augmented Reality if incorporated with academic programs the, students can easily learn and remember the syllabus. Such technology if implemented in classroom teaching of subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Technology and Science the results are fabulous for sure.

3- Medical and Healthcare

AR and VR have showcased its awesomeness in Medical and Healthcare domain as well. Therapies which are available for curing many serious ailments are already using awesome AR and VR technologies. Patients having phobias of crowd, height, water, stage fear can be provided with the visual environment to fight fear in a very safe way. There is no need to experiment on patients by visiting the real places. There are simplified treatments possible for healthcare. The more proficient Augmented Reality application developer you hire, the right implementation of technology occurs.

4- Travel and Hospitality

Isn’t it great if you get the experience of that amazing place through technology before you actually travels there? Travel business entrepreneurs have a chance of creating an amazing and real experience for their clients. They can even convince customers in the right way as the live effects can be added to the traveler’s experience. Renowned chains of hotels Marriott has already launched the in-room virtual reality travel experience with the collaboration of Samsung Electronics America. These innovations are giving travel industry all the new goals.

5- Construction and Real Estate

The AR and VR as a boon have decreased the efforts of real businessmen and the clients also. By creating virtual and augmented effects of all running sights the businessmen can help customers in taking a decision whether to visit the building site personally or not. 360-degree view of any site offers customers a vision with realistic effects. Also, real estate agents can promote the homes in 3D to sell the apartments. Entrepreneurs can also get developed AR apps which can take care of all the relevant tasks which happen in real estate business.

6- Movables and Automobile

AR and VR have shown wonders in the automobile industry. Car designers from Automotive companies can actually make use of Virtual Reality before making the physical prototype. Ford, a well-known company has already implemented this technology. Therefore, designers can walk around the car and can even sit on it, generated through the virtual reality. By unleashing the power of Virtual Reality Automobile industry tycoons are taking help of app development companies to build some scalable AR applications for them.

C- Takeaway

Both AR and VR technologies play very significant role in transforming Internet of Things to Internet of Everything. We foresee AR’s fast development and evolution as some are significant key drivers such as increasing number of phones and tablets, their extended functionality or increasing internet speed. Above discussed industry sectors are just some examples how Augmented Reality applications can be used for beneficiary purposes. The business visionaries may come up with many drastic and strategic plans which can be incorporated with latest technologies to serve customers in a much better way. AR and VR can help in uplifting business if executed and implemented properly by proficient professionals. There is this whole industry with so much of business and money waiting to be harnessed; the human brain has yet again been challenged to take this generation of technology to the next bounds because as they say ‘ the only limit is your imagination’.


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