7 IoT Trends Of 2016 That Will Also Trend In 2017

7 IoT Trends Of 2016 That Will Also Trend In 2017

Learning about the Internet of Things can be dizzying. It had utterly revolutionized the concept of digitization by changing it from a practically isolated concept to a virtual experience and reducing the proximity to the real world. 2016 was the year that actually started realizing the potential of Internet of Things or IoT.

So the IoT things which hit hard the last year are as follows:

1. Retail & IoT

IoT has touched the domain of Retail to a massive new level. A buyer now has the power to alter the shopping list on the go and all credit goes to the connected retail applications that fully links the physical store and keeps it updated with the online information. At the same time, buyer convenience was totally redefined as the availability of information became more lucid and it can be accessed at the tap of a single button via a myriad range of devices including smartphones, tabs, vehicles, wearables, etc. Thus an extremely connected shopping experience has evolved and at least made retail simpler for the tech-savvy customers.

2. IoT & Electricity

The New York power authority shook hands with the GE power to upgrade the electricity generation and dispatch process effective and lucid. The companies have managed to plant smart sensors to detect unplanned downtime and they have efficiently reduced the downtime by using predictive analysis capabilities. It was a huge project with a major success, thereby portraying tremendous usage of IoT in the power generation and distribution field this year.

3. IOT & Food

Well, this year witnessed yet another aspect of IoT that is changing life in some way! IoT showed its potential to revamp the norms of food safety. It helped in monitoring mechanisms via the low power sensors and gateways. These devices are used in devices like refrigerators and other food storing and processing devices where the sensors can intimidate the system about the appropriate temperatures such that the food does not lose it’s freshness or get spoilt. If any such case arises then via machine intelligence it will alert the human to take necessary actions.

4. IoT Beyond U.S Borders

While in the previous year IoT was majorly concentrated in the United States but 2016 saw the adoption rate of IoT increasing in the other parts of Asia and Europe. Some other countries including Singapore are showing special interest in the field of smart homes and smart city. It was also surveyed that the Google searches relating to IoT or aspects of IoT on per capita basis were much higher in many Asian countries this year in comparison to the US, thereby giving an indication that IoT will clearly take off in the majority of the countries in the upcoming years.

5. Established Companies Double Their Bet On IoT

Big and established companies like Intel and IBM are doubling their bet and increasing their investments in the Internet of Things. Intel the world’s topmost chip development company plans on cutting down expenses and funneling savings for the IoT domain. Similar situations are going on in IBM where they move towards cutting down their expenses on legacy technologies and focusing on IoT this year.

6. IoT & Travel

IoT sensors are now being used in airlines and rail routes and these sensors can successfully track all the essential data gauging the normal functional parameters and can aid in raising an alarm or creating an awareness when some data patterns are missed.Teradata has already taken a step in installing such systems in rail routes which call for immediate actions when alerted on missing parameters to prevent accidents like derailments thereby enhancing operational efficiency and saving lives.

7. IoT & Security Issues

Though Internet of Things continue to gain momentum and keeps rising in the year 2016 but the security concern remains to be a serious concern. As the number of connected devices increases the loopholes in the chain increases so it has been a tough choice for the organizations in this year to take a call on investing in IoT despite the high-security risks associated with it. The high-risk associated companies needed to chalk out their tolerance for risk and their capacity to spend on security enhancements.

These were some of the extreme achievements in the IoT domain that rocked the year 2016. But people should be aware that a thing as big as IoT does not imply one-time implementation or investment. It needs an overhaul of an end-to-end understanding, expertise, implementation, and infrastructure. It asks for a high-end skill set along with huge requirements to take care of security concerns which are very real. So let’s see what 2017 has in store for IoT!

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