What Are The Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

What Are The Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

A survey done by SurveyMonkey explains that global revenues from mobile applications are expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017 ($8 billion vs $77 billion). Also with the support for existing and a new market to usage levels of apps, the mobile application industry will be a $ 100 billion USD industry by the end of 2020. With the continuous evolution and rapid advancement in the field of technology, 2017 will be the year of new surprises in custom mobile application development space. With high apps usage levels, it can be expected that mobile apps will be $100 billion+ industry by the end of 2020.

Let us have a look on most important mobile application development trends to keep an eye out for in 2017:

A: Trending High –

1: Mobile Internet of Things will soar high –

Around 80 Internet of Things (IoT) – related acquisitions were made across the globe in 2015. By 2020 the number of connected and separate devices will take a toll of 28 billion marks. The profits and revenues from IoT industry are already rolling high and in next few months or so it will increase with two-fold. Therefore, the responsibility is now on developers in order to create applications which can unleash the power of smart device sensors to securely exchange personal information over wi-fi networks.

2: Location-Based Services (LBS) will also grow –

Today there is easy availability and use of GPS on all mobile devices, therefore, location-based services will begin to evolve more. This will give users real-time information or deals in your vicinity. There are various key areas where location based services can be implemented and can be put to good use which are location-specific payments portals, navigation, retail offers, travel and tourism and much more. Many leading tech giants have recently made the huge purchase in such service domain and in Beacon technology too. As the service drains the battery pretty fast there is a subsequent need for pretty advancements which enable mobile app developers and businesses to flourish in 2017.

3: Security will be key –

In spite of the technology the world is booming high and moving ahead at breakneck speed, the security threats have also increased at the same time. Use two-step user security authentication is becoming a mandate in almost all the applications especially one which deal on financial transactions and require bank account details. Developers, therefore are asked to have a robust application which follows security guidelines. Both iOS and Android are trying hard to use more granular application permissions model and automatic security updates.

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4: Embedded Artificial Intelligence Advancements –

More and more app developers are enabling machine learning and AI in their applications and this is greatly impacting positively in which the industry works. How would you feel if a picture changes dynamically according to your moods or situations? The photo filters are easy to use, therefore developers are devising innovative ways where self-learning applications can easily customize the display data. By using various filters applications can be easily personalized based on users’ preferences or location-specific data. Neural Networks services will be soon in demand. Such services can soon shift from data centers to everyday devices such as phones, camera, and many IoT-enabled devices.

5: Mobile App Designing Need Attention –

Another mobile application development trend will be set by the user interface of development and designing domain. The relevance of UI/UX is not going to decrease anytime sooner. This is because user-experience has always been the biggest factor of in terms of measuring the success of a mobile application. Companies are capitalizing on illustrators, animators, and graphic artists in order to make visually appealing mobile applications. Some pathbreaking trends such as grid-based designing, splash screens, micro-interactions, parallax graphics and much more will trend in 2017.

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6: AR and VR will have magic wand –

The power of Augmented Reality has been witnessed with the popularity of Pokemon Go and other similar applications. A great number of applications have started putting AR into use and a lot is expected from such application functioning. AR tools enable integrations such as product links, location tracking, social media syncing which makes applications more efficient and productive. AR is something which 3D developers are seriously looking to enhance engagement levels of their software. Initially, users were bit reluctant of letting their locations ‘known’ to the server through GPS, but now that concern no more exists. GPS- powered mobile apps, therefore, are finding acceptance in various industries like automation, travel, retail and obviously the IoT.

7: Exponential Growth in Enterprise Apps –

2017 will witness the bigger market for enterprise mobile applications. Many organizations are already using business applications for better employee management and optimizing the workplace. Such enterprise applications help in streamlining work processes and operational activities of companies. With custom mobile apps for business, day to day management of tasks will become more easy and simplified. Some great examples of an enterprise application are CRM mobile application which helps in fetching desired customers’ information promptly and enable access to real-time sales updates.

B: More Trendsetters –

Of course, 2017 will have a lot much in store. Apart from the ones which are discussed 2017 will be observing a lot more in mobile application development trend. Swift will be swifter and it is a next-generation programming language for iOS developers. Many Developers believe that this language is much easier that Objective-C. Although Swift is not going to replace Objective-C but it will definitely gain a lot of attention in 2017. Also, wearable will also be more impactful. Be it an iWatch, a smartwatch or any other wearable, mobile applications are transforming the user experience. With forthcoming year the wearables will be observing a more advanced version of wearables, therefore, harnessing the power of such wearables combined with mobile applications.

C: Red Carpet For 2017 –

With each passing day and infusion of new innovations, the efficiency of mobile application has been reciprocating. Today world is becoming more and more dependent on mobile applications where people can easily find the way of doing their stuff. These innovations related to mobile app development will surely suit the world in every aspect.
Let’s be more watchful and observe what else it will bring to the technology world. Share with us what more mobile application development trends you would like to see in coming the year 2017.

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