7 Exquisite Tech Trends To Change The Face Of 2017

7 Exquisite Tech Trends To Change The Face Of 2017

New Year always brings with itself new resolutions and measured predictions of upcoming trends that can pave the way for the next 365 days. New discoveries to brutal election results, 2016 has seen it all. However, this year was a total breakthrough in terms of technology and latest trends. And if the past year has raised it’s bar to this level, who knows what 2017 will bring in!

So let’s have a quick sneak peek at the expected trends for 2017:

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Say It All!

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is going to be an integral part of this year. It will deal with a lot of deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. The techniques are believed to move ahead of traditional rule-based algorithms to make systems that catch, learn, understand and then predict appropriately with minimal or no human input. Thereby catering satisfyingly to the term “intelligence”.

Along with AI, machine learning comes simultaneously which will play an imperative part as a smart machine can give valuable predictions and change the future behavior. They can analyze huge database and predict the behavior and patterns and thereby help to contribute and make a meaningful contribution at more correct moments (i.e be prepared before the actual requirement rises).

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning trends are evolving at a lightning pace and we are definitely going to witness some high voltage thundering in this domain this year.

2. So Where Is Internet Of Things This Year?

IoT or the Internet of Things has been on the top of the tech trends list for several consecutive years now but wondering why it has not caught up pace yet? Problem lies in the concept of interoperability. The concept of IoT needs a strong harmonious connection amongst the various devices without compromising the security. So we are probably not there yet. So people expect a small death of hub concept while refocusing on wireless concepts of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is tested wireless technology and routers are serving larger amounts of bandwidth, so smart devices are opting for Wi-Fi to maximize compatibility. So instead of using a centralized hub, manufacturers will focus on interoperability amongst themselves. So you might want to be a little prepared to witness shrinkage in the IoT concept.

3. Augmented Reality Comes To Action!

Virtual Reality was expected to drop a bomb in the passing year though a lot did not happen but it remains amongst the top developing technologies even this year. 2017 shall witness a lot in the field of augmented reality. Augmented reality will take over VR at a much higher pace as it will arrive on the mobile devices without the overhead of additional hardware. At the initial level, it will help to drive those purchases of the new AR handsets and businesses and consumers will look for a more hands-free version of Augmented reality. AR will continue to enhance the quality of the game details and a lot more. It should live up to the hype.

4. Windows Server 2016 Adoption!

Windows Server 2016 promises to be the first ever ‘cloud first’ server operating system that gives a word to provide much enhanced virtualization features along with added security, a wider software-defined storage functionality and a much better and lucid integration with popular cloud services like Azure, etc. These added features and upgraded functionalities make the upcoming server OS a much worthy contender and a most probable choice for those who desire to upgrade from older OSes this year. However, the companies won’t be in a huge rush to get their hands on the new OS for the time being the most widely used server OS is Windows server 2008 and it will not change anytime sooner until 2020.

5. The Screen Tech Trend!

In the year 2017, you will be witnessing a lot of AR and VR on the new 4K smartphone screen. As the HDTV technology has grown over the last few years no one has recently been focussing on curved screen or on the big screen but manufacturers have shifted their focus to developing the ones that can be comfortable for 24/7. OLED screens are the ones that will help the smartphones of 2017 to get slimmer and more battery efficient. UHD screens have also made an entry a few years ago failing to make much of a change but that will change in the year 2017.

6. All The Way From IoT To Sentient Tools!

Organizations will turn their focus to sentient tools, such tools will be pretty much aware of their environment, context, and social interactions. The technologies such as cloud-based AI, hard-core machine learning, collaborative robots, etc will merge together and see a new emergence of capabilities in smart products and manufacturing domain.

7. 3D Printing!

This year we expect to see a drop in the prices of 3D printers and it will be amongst the top desirable gifts by the end of 2017. According to the surveys conducted this year it showed that around 10 percent of IT firms said that they plan to adopt it within the next five years. However, the adoption rate will be higher in the education and manufacturing domains.

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