5 Blazing Software Development Trends To Bloom In 2017!

5 Blazing Software Development Trends To Bloom In 2017!

A new year brings with it a fresh air of optimism along with it. As we flip the pages of the calendar onto January 2017 there is a lot of anticipation related to the software development trends that are going to set the milestones this year. Last year we heard the soft drum beats of smart apps, AI infused tools and a lot more smart concepts but 2017 will witness these concepts fully entrenched within the organizations across myriad industries.

So the top software development trends that we are expecting to set this year on fire are as follows:

1. PaaS Will Start Ruling

The concept of a mobile workforce, the cloud which substantially only requires an Internet connection to access work has attained a very high recognition and has become quite an attractive delivery model. So basically the security issues and loss of control in the cloud structure will be put to rest this year. PaaS solutions will become the key controllers this year and carve the way for a new level of cloud growth since they provide the customers a platform to manage and run their apps in the cloud without giving them a headache to build the associated algorithms and infrastructures.

As the AI based predictive analytics conceptualizes more and more enterprises will increasingly rely on PaaS-based solutions instead of taking up the complexity of developing in house.

2. Open Source Continues To March

This year as well the idea of open source continues to sell. In software development, an imperative piece of the puzzle is to incorporate the code. It is one of the central driver behind various development companies. Each has spun in open source from the code to culture and thereby open source plays a vital part. Releasing open sources helps in a greater evolution and at the same time allows your project to get a higher exposure and be a part of open source community which is of utmost importance to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Companies who have become standards in the world of open source can no longer be in the blind spot and definitely will standout and make an indelible mark this year.

3. Smart Apps Is All That We Need This Year

Today the number of data sources to collect data from various places have increased a lot. All credits to the concept of IoT and sensor-clad instruments that are capable enough to collect data and smart apps are the ones which give them a way to derive actionable insights from this data so gathered. Subsequently, then it becomes operationalized to streamline the processes and better serve the required purpose. Hence the challenge thrown at the developers this year will be to manage and integrate the plethora of myriad IoT technologies, endpoints and various back-end platforms at a speed that matches the pace of cutting edge technology and innovation. Developers will also require the aid of data specialists to attain their respective goals.

4. Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt about the fact that AI or artificial intelligence is bound to gain popularity this year like never before. With the help of the AI, developers will be able to figure out effective and enhanced functionality for their projects. In the year 2017 developers will work dedicatedly to explore and find out how they can make use of artificial intelligence for their already developed products and apps to improve their functionalities and performance. AI will work pretty efficiently to discover the top layered business apps.

5. Augmented Reality

No matter who you speak to you will get a feel that augmented reality has been the cusp of a mainstream breakout for years. 2016 was a major year witnessing the glories of augmented reality and namely because of two factors Pokemon Go and Snapchat. SO this pretty sure implies that it is going to be bigger and much more massive in the year 2017. These two glaring examples have already made a statement last year that the world is not only up and ready for augmented reality but have already accepted and embraced it enthusiastically. So definitely we are going to see more and more developers spending their time on creating futuristic apps and inculcating AR or augmented reality into their projects and apps which once was a mere pipe dream.

The good thing about technology is that it is always exciting and evolving. This domain is led by the software developers who see the world differently and focus on making technological enhancements for the future. At times the biggest tech trends don’t get the traction they deserve and at times they explode in the most unexpected way. However, you can expect to witness an explosion of artificial intelligence and augmented reality this year. So let’s wish each other an exciting 2017!

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