5 Latest Productivity Features by Salesforce: A Sigh of Relief for Sales Reps

5 Latest Productivity Features by Salesforce: A Sigh of Relief for Sales Reps

Do you know that 66% of the sales reps invest their time into administrative tasks instead of working towards adding value to customers? This is a surprising number, of course. Due to this, sales reps face a huge amount of pressure. To tackle this pressure and make sales reps more productive, Salesforce rolled out new productivity features recently after studying information flows inside out to streamline processes for sales teams.

The latest productivity features by Salesforce are:

1. Einstein Campaign Insights:

A new feature called Einstein Campaign Insights by Salesforce allows you to discover similarities among those prospects who are involved in a specific campaign. This aids sales reps in recognizing the best prospects to target. For instance, if there is a high engagement rate with a campaign asset by the directors in IT in the manufacturing industry, Einstein Campaign Insights will let sales reps know that this marketing material is in resonance with similar prospects, allowing them to accept this as a new audience to focus on. This feature also helps marketing teams to have instant visibility into the same insights, make alignment on content needs, and unveil fresh audience.

2. Inbox Now with Einstein Insights:

Another feature by Salesforce, Inbox Now offers a smart mobile experience that unveils insights and actions to help sales reps in planning, maintaining, and optimizing their work within the application. Sales reps get the opportunity to go through important customer information, including contacts, account details, and opportunities for the upcoming meetings within the corresponding calendar event in order to keep track of their next meeting without searching search through previous emails manually. The feature also offers automated meeting recaps along with the notifications to help you be on top of action items or follow-up meetings.

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3. Social Intelligence Module:

Salesforce has come up with another useful feature known as the Social Intelligence Module. This module is an Artificial Intelligence-centric module that caters to a social media feed focusing on pertinent business-related topics within the Sales Cloud. This feature helps sales reps to create a lead quickly by adding a social profile to an already existing contact record or through a social post. These posts can be shared on Chatter as well to inform the team.

4. Quip for Sales:

It has become a common practice to include more and more stakeholders in the sales cycle. Sales reps can now guide teams of stakeholders easily through a deal cycle with the help of Quip for Sales, another feature rolled out by Salesforce. With this amazing feature, spreadsheets and documents are well kept within records, allowing teams to find what they require, easily. This makes sure that they work with the most updated version. Quip for Sales offers teams to easily pull up important files like executive briefings, account plans, and quarterly business reviews without accessing new windows, or search for relevant files. Also, sales teams can automate the process of creating best practice templates that show up automatically next to new objects like opportunities and accounts.

5. Work Queues and Sales Cadences in High Velocity Sales:

High Velocity Sales by Salesforce helps inside sales reps to go through templatized Sales Cadences. These Sales Cadences let sales reps know how to collaborate with a fresh prospect. There is an option to link several Sales Cadences together to cater to more complicated sales processes. On the other hand, Work Queues are a personalized list of tasks guides sales reps through their day.

With the help of the productivity features mentioned above, Salesforce is striving to manage the information flow in order to surface what needs to be surfaced when the time comes, all within the Sales Cloud. These features make sales reps more efficient by shifting their focus to the relevant accounts and tasks, along with upskilling and elevating their overall performance.

Source: Salesforce

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