What’s in the Store with the Latest Version of ElectronJS?

What’s in the Store with the Latest Version of ElectronJS?

What is ElectronJS?

Developed by GitHub, Electron is an open-source JavaScript framework that aids in developing cross-platform apps by making use of current, existing web technologies. It combines the Node.js runtime and the Chromium rendering engine. Electron is the chief GUI framework that backs various open-source projects like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Light Table, Slack. You do not require specific skills in order to develop applications with ElectronJS.

When working with Electron, other frameworks like Angular 5, Vue.js, and Next.js can be used on top of the basic setup. This makes development easier for you by keeping the applications more extendible. This, in turn, makes debugging an easier task.

Latest Release: Electron v5.0.0

Recently, ElectronJS entered its latest phase, a stable release called Electron v5.0.0. The core elements that help in powering Electron have also upgraded from their previous versions, further improving the security and JavaScript performance for a much faster and smoother experience.
Among various new features added in this latest version, a few of the pertinent features are:

  • Instant MacOS notifications
  • Support for several browser views per BrowserWindow
  • Register multiple globalShortcuts
  • System colors access for MacOS
  • Num lock and Caps lock added as keyboard accelerator modifiers
  • getMemoryFootprint API
  • Support for running preload scripts and nodeIntegration in iframes
  • Use the function process.getProcessMemoryInfo to collect memory usage statistics
  • Mixed-sandbox mode works on Linux

Features of ElectronJS

Here are a few of the features that ElectronJS encompasses and empowers app development:

1. Performance

As compared to native applications, ElectronJS portrays great performance. This framework saves a lot of time and offers multiple options to develop applications by having a single code base for all the prime platforms.

2. Deployment

The available electron-packager module helps you to bundle the entire code base into the respective packages. Although it is a debatable topic that Electron takes up a lot of memory, it requires a bit more attention while developing applications to avoid such scenarios.

3. Code and App Management

Electron JS brings a sigh of relief for the product owners by eliminating the need to maintain different teams for different platforms. It also spares the hassle of re-explaining your requirements to different teams. Moreover, it reduces the auditing work as well.
If we talk about app developers, different codebases are not an issue for them. Fixing a bug on any platform at the code base eliminates the need to fix it on other platforms. However, it is advised to keep a tab on the OS level functionalities.

4. Security

When migrating your existing application to ElectronJS in the form of a desktop application, the data stays in the system, locally. This ensures data security. In case you want to store data in the cloud, make sure your cloud network is secure enough to avoid any harm to the data.

5. UI/UX

Web technologies let you explore various different technologies that offer great User Experience and User Interface to your users. Developing applications with ElectronJS aids you in providing the same experience to your users across distinct platforms.

6. Cost and Time

With ElectronJS, you save a good amount of time on developing apps. This framework is also easy on the pocket because of the tech stack. Electron is advantageous for app developers, allowing them to do less and achieve more.

Source: Jaxenter, Alibaba Cloud

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