The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development – Trends 2019!

The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development – Trends 2019!

Here’s a fun fact: By 2020, mobile applications are expected to generate a whopping amount of $188.9 billion as global revenue!

The world of technology has constantly been experiencing changes in the mobile app development trends from the past few years, and these changes are only improving our day-to-day lives via mobile and web applications. Mobile app development is a domain that consists of some of the fastest growing industries and they are in no mood to slow down.

So fellas, here are six major upcoming mobile app development trends of 2019:


Blockchain is a popular platform for handling cryptocurrencies and providing a secure environment for those who deal in finance, without any kind of interference of 3rd parties. Blockchain integration in mobile app development has offered companies in the finance sector as well as the banking sector with a secured platform where they can deal with the money confidently. Even the healthcare sector has seen a positive impact because of this development.
Blockchain technology, facilitating various essential sectors, is destined to see a much brighter future for mobile app development in the coming years. The technology will help streamline data management with the increased efficiency in transaction processes.

Location tracking and motion sensing

Although location tracking is not something that came up recently, it is expected to gain more traction in the following year. Let’s take on-demand apps for instance. It is not possible to deliver products demanded by the customer to be delivered at his/her place without location tracking. Same goes with the health wearables. Motion sensing features make sure the person using a health wearable device is doing fine. Motion sensing and tracking also come in handy in cases like theft, security, geotagging, gaming, navigating, etc. Such functionalities have helped maps to be smarter and enhanced too. This states that motion sensing and location tracking incorporated in mobile apps is going to rule 2019 by being one of the most remarkable trends.

Internet of Things

The demand for wearable devices has increased dramatically over the last few years. The Internet of Things has proved to be an aid to multiple sectors like transportation, eCommerce, healthcare, and many others. There are various devices that we use on a daily basis that are directly connected to the internet. IoT is helping the technology world move toward a better tomorrow as 2019 promises to leverage the development of more wearable devices, improving the way how humans live.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

International Data Corporation released a report which states that by the end of 2020, the AI industry is estimated to reach a total value of more than $40 billion.
This indicates that the gap between humans and machines is being graciously bridged by technology. The capability of machines to learn by themselves has decreased the efforts of people who invest their time into various coding elements of the program. Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has been a sunshine in people’s lives and hence, has gained fame which knows no bounds.
2019 will bring us more chatbots and virtual assistants due to the increasing demand for AI and Machine Learning. Moreover, there are many elements of Machine Learning that are still left to discover.

Payment Gateways & Mobile Wallets

Google mobile app payments exceeded $700 million in 2017. It was a growth of about $500 million in just four years.
Making payments has shifted away from its traditional method. People have gradually moved from cash to cards to now mobile wallets. This has resulted in an increased demand for m-commerce. It has now become a successful and most preferred shopping mode. Hence, integrating mobile wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Pay, and payment gateways that provide secure encryption will become a staple in 2019.

Application Performance Management

The Application Performance Management market is expected to see a hefty growth from $2.72 billion in 2014 to $4.98 billion by 2019.
Google search integrated the Application Performance Management listings back in 2016, and since then, there has been no stopping for the developers. By instilling the Application Performance Management within an app’s framework, developers can use this condensed version of HTML for a much better and superior user experience. Hence, it is imperative that the Application Performance Management is going to keep hitting home runs in 2019!

As we step into another powerful year, we are definitely going to stumble upon the next big thing which might be waiting for us around the corner. Mobile app development can help change the lives of people at a large scale, and this is the greatest excitement that a developer can bear in their mind.

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