3 Misconceptions About How To Build A Mobile App

3 Misconceptions About How To Build A Mobile App

One wants to build a mobile app because they want something out of it. It could be a social, business, financial, personal or even a political motive. The app development process is analogous to mining diamonds. While getting the diamonds out to the right buyers is what mobile app marketing is all about. The best mining is not worth it if the mined diamonds have no buyers, and having the best contacts to sell to is not going to help if you cannot mine diamonds in the first place!

Our clients come to us with specific concerns related to the development process. Some are unique concerns and others are common. Although the development process is a crucial step, it takes more than great development to launch a successful mobile app.

By avoiding the misconceptions outlined in this post, companies can feel more prepared and confident for the entire mobile app development process, from initial brainstorming to promoting the final product.

Misconception 1: Better Apps Have More Features

It’s common for companies to envision an app with a multitude of features. However, we have found that the most successful mobile apps launch with one or two signature features.

This approach simplifies the development process and results in a product that can be marketed with a few simple instructions, rather than an overwrought app that might be challenging for users to learn.

By reducing the number of features, it is also easier for developers to fine tune the app once it has been launched, due to the intentionally limited number of variables.

Once an app’s essential features have been developed, launched, and perfected, companies can expand their app’s offerings to include new features and functionalities.

Misconception #2: Mobile App Development is More Important Than Marketing

With millions of mobile apps available for download and thousands being launched each day, it’s no longer enough to develop and launch an app. A successful mobile app requires a dedicated marketing strategy.

We are a mobile app development company which means we help you ‘mine diamonds’. But it is of our concern that you go win the world with the ‘diamonds’ we mine for you – the mobile app we build for you. Keeping in mind how the right app marketing can be beneficial, we encourage companies to follow a tried-and-true formula for success:

  • 1. Prepare to launch your mobile app by creating a landing page or teaser page on your website with information about how the app can help customers.
  • 2. Capture and analyze data metrics from the traffic to your landing or teaser page to gain insight into potential users.
  • 3. Complete app store optimization (ASO) so that your app will stand out among others available for download. Include screenshots and a persuasive description about how the app can help users solve a problem, enjoy greater convenience, or gain other benefits. A recent survey of app developers found that nearly a quarter believe ASO is the most important aspect of marketing a mobile app.
  • 4. Once the app has launched, monitor your reviews to gain insight into users’ likes and dislikes. When relevant, consider politely replying to negative reviews to let users know that you’ve taken their feedback into consideration.
  • 5. Identify bloggers or app review websites who can review your app and engage with them.

By applying the same level of thoughtfulness to your marketing plan as the app development process, you can increase your app’s chances of reaching the widest possible audience.

Misconception #3: The Discovery Phase is an Unnecessary Cost

A 2017 survey by Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington DC, found that 70% of app development firms now require a discovery phase. At Algoworks, we believe that the discovery phase is an important part of the development process.

The three phases of discovery phase are the concept analysis phase, the market analysis phase, and finally the delivering of documentation. During the discovery phase, we help companies consider every aspect of their mobile app before actually building it. It aids in the creation of a concise project roadmap. It helps us to provide prototypes that work on phones in the early stages of development. These prototypes help us gather user and investor feedback at an early stage, helping to reduce costs and improve the final product before it is released publicly.

The discovery phase also helps us remain on the same page as our clients and provides for better alignment of goals.. By the time we dive into the full development process, we fully understand our clients’ ideal timelines and can contribute to a successful launch.

Finally, the discovery phase gives companies more time to develop a marketing strategy. With the key features and timeline determined before development begins, marketing teams can begin to target the potential user base identified during discovery.

Tips For Approaching App Development

Now that you’ve learned to avoid these common misconceptions, we can look ahead to some additional strategies for developing a successful mobile app.

We encourage all of our clients to consider their monetization strategy from day one. Just as the discovery phase can yield valuable insights for marketing, including the monetization strategy from the beginning can ensure that the app design supports a client’s financial goals.

Additionally, clients should remember to take advantage of beta testing and a soft launch. Both of these strategies serve as an important way to collect user feedback, allowing our developers to make final tweaks to the design before going full throttle into the highly competitive market.

By discussing as many details as possible before beginning development, coming up with a strong and data-driven marketing plan, and testing a simple design before officially launching an app, Algoworks is not only about converting ideas into reality, it helps clients launch their apps with purpose and confidence.

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