Relevance Of Concept Analysis In Mobile App Development

Relevance Of Concept Analysis In Mobile App Development

The ‘CCC’

An effective mobile app development is all about proper conceptualization. You may be a technically discerning developer but if ideation behind your application is haywire, there is a very little chance that your application will achieve some degree of success. Therefore, a compelling and convincing conceptualization (let’s call it CCC) is considered as the foundation stone of every successful app. It should never be misunderstood as an easy step in the entire mobile app development process. Clear definition of the conceptualization strategy is a must for that perfect mobile application.

A- Why Concept Analysis is important?

Often organizations or individuals come up with outstanding concepts for mobile applications, but they do not have a roadmap to move further with this idea. They even lack in requisite skills in order to formulate their ideas into some physical entity. They would definitely require the technologists who can help them in shaping these bubbling ideas and offer them complete support from conceptualization to development and deployment.

Of course, if they will try implementing the ideas without adequate knowledge they will make a lot of mistakes. They may feel that they are improving on a daily basis but actually it will be still an improved mess. By the time they realize, it would have been too late and technology might have changed or the idea must have been implemented by someone else. Hence, its mandate to be smart and seek early advice.

As a part of ideation sessions and concept analysis workshops, technology consultants offers industry’s best designers in order to create design mockups for a mobile app idea. Such workshops help enterprises in stepping ahead of the competition. These sessions add great value to the entire app development process as whenever there is a requirement of pitching an idea to an investor, entrepreneurs will have something to show which will be a pretty good indication of their commitment.

With a solid innovation strategy which lays the foundation for rapid development of the idea, the technology consultants hold several years of experiences and hence entrepreneurs will get expert advice from the best minds in technical, sales and marketing domains. With the right mix of resources viz manpower, technical knowledge, market trends and environment the consultants offer expert guidance as a major of concept analysis and ideation process.

B- Concept Analysis Process – Best practices to be followed by technology consultants

B1: Exhaustive Market Analysis:

  • a- Meticulously quantify marketing research goals
  • b- Also identify hot trends within App Stores
  • c- Analyzing competitors’ products is also mandate
  • d-Examine target market based on geography and demography
  • e-Identify target devices and platforms
  • f- Formulate app monetization strategy
  • g- Define analytics metrics

Diligently performing the market research process will help you in generating a comparative report on competitors and will help you in formulating a strategic model on App’s Revenue Stream. You will even be able to list out main analytics metrics.

B2: Requirement Gathering and Analysis

  • a- Pick the right feature set
  • b- Mind map development for user experience
  • c- Scrutinize properly UI and UX requirements from user
  • d- Documenting the workflow of app features
  • e- Keenly identify the estimate need for Native/Hybrid/Responsive Web Apps
  • f -Determine the non-functional requirements – System performance needs, Scalability factors, etc

With detailed requirement gathering and analysis processing you will be able to derive a comprehensive user story document, a document on performance metrics and scalability. You will also be able to identify MVP feature set.

B3- Wireframe designing

  • a- Conceptualize the main features and nearby visual structured layout of the application
  • b- Also create a storyboard for the app
  • c- You may also require building a roadmap which will define the navigation of each screen of your app

Having wireframe designing as a best practice will help you in preparing first app wireframe mockups and therefore you can clearly get the design guidelines.

B4- UI Prototyping

  • a- You must decide on the color scheme for application
  • b- Brainstorming sessions are essential in order to identify the right design elements
  • c- You must define interaction and visual design

With UI prototyping you will be able to deliver a great application design and therefore able to Invision mobile prototype.

B5- Technical Architecture

  • a- Define system level architecture of the app
  • b- Also suggest technology stacks based on requirements
  • c- You must also Identify the open source and third party proprietary tools, libraries, frameworks, products, and other resources

Ardently keeping into consideration the technical architecture workflow you will be able to decide on the tools and technologies to be used for the app and hence app’s technical architecture document can be fetched easily.

Indeed, the conceptualization process holds relevant place behind every successful innovation. What may seem as tasks of the air, are somehow exactly what the unsuccessful miss and actually never know why exactly they failed.

Take home the CCC today. Sleep on it! 🙂

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