LIVE Video Streaming for Mobile Apps – Technical Analysis Of The Latest Trend

LIVE Video Streaming for Mobile Apps – Technical Analysis Of The Latest Trend

A- Why Mobile Video Streaming:

Survey says that Mobile Video Live streaming rates are expected to be triple by end of the year 2017. It is a powerful tool in the business of advertising. Therefore, it has become an important element for the marketers to focus on. With brand new applications and top video streaming mobile apps the businesses are getting alerted of incorporating this powerful way of advertisement in making their business better.

Let’s see how Video Streaming in mobile apps works:

B- How Video Streaming Works In Mobile Apps

A robust and a successful live-streaming mobile application necessitates a consistent end-to-end workflow which involves video and audio capture to encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery, and playback.
Real-time video streaming comprises of three layers of data management:

  • 1. The encoded bits (H.264)
  • 2. The container which holds the encoded parts together (FLV, MP4);
  • 3. The transport used for moving a stream from the media server to user’s player (RTMP).

Once the files are delivered to your player, a special file called M3U8 decides in which order to play the stream. This is how you get a complete video file. Let’s talk about the mechanics:

Application Mechanism

Depending on what pieces you have, you have two options for application mechanics:

  • You can use your existing camera and encoder. You just need to reach viewers on their mobile devices. (it is assumed that you are streaming either using an IP camera with built-in camera or streaming with one or multiple cameras and an encoder).
  • You can use iOS or Android based applications for recording and encoding your videos. Later these apps send the streams to chosen audience or you can provide chosen group of viewers with the links to download the application.

Process of Encoding

There are two basic options for encoding available with us:

  • a- Encoding the final delivery which is apt for relatively smaller productions.
  • b- Encoding a mezzanine.

To explain more in detail, we can understand that live broadcasting requires all real-time encoding. The main aim of the encoder is to convert the data taken from recording device in a streaming format. There lies two options available for programming the stream which completely relies on the broadcast platform we are currently using. This can be done in two way. Firstly, it can be server contacting the encoder and requesting the stream or it may be an encoder sending the stream to the server IP address to publish live videos.

C- Ultimate Video Streaming Apps

1: Broadcaster App:

Broadcaster multipurpose and multi-protocol free Android-only app. It records your audio and video broadcasts. You can directly load your publisher settings from DaCast to this application, hence no manual work. The app is compatible with legacy flash channels.

2: Broadcast me Live Streaming App

This application works efficiently both for iOS and Android platforms. The app runs through a multimedia server which allows RTMP publishing. The application is free on Android devices but uses an older version which does not work with DaCast channel.

3: Facebook Mentions App

The application is available for iOS users only and there is no choice for Androidians. The ‘Facebook Mentions’ app is exclusively and strictly available for public figures with verified Facebook accounts. The application allows the celebrities to shoot their video live which can be then streamed on Facebook to their followers.

4: Wirecast Live Streaming App

Wirecast, partnered with the DaCast provides one of the best encoding of video on mobile devices. Compatible with iOS8, the application is not available for Android users. Although the free version of this mobile live streaming production application allows you to directly stream to Youtube but for making it work for DaCast you need to make a purchase of the app.

5: Periscope Video Live Streaming App

Periscope video streaming application which is acquired by twitter microblogging platform is compatible with both iOS and Android platform. The app allows you to shoot the video and broadcast it lively to the web world. Your followers can be engaged with notifications, can comment and send hearts in real time video streaming. As if this was not enough, the video is available for 24 hours after live stream, making this application difficult to ignore.

6: Meerkat Video Live Streaming App

Another great video live streaming application is Meerkat application which is again compatible with the iOS platform only. Within a short period of time this application has attracted several users by using microblogging platform Twitter for its app growth. If your followers or friends have the same application in their mobiles, then the app automatically pushes the notification on their mobile if you are in live streaming online. This allows commenting and interacting with you while the live streaming is on.

D- Business Benefits of Video Streaming

Many entrepreneurs are focusing on live video streaming applications as they are finding it very beneficial as they get customer engagement with their consumers in real-time and also useful for employee training sessions.

Let’s see some business benefits of live video streaming apps:

  • Businesses using live streaming video apps gains more reach and exposure. This gives them to reach out to a large audience across the world.
  • Live video feeds are also helpful in building their identity among the rest.
  • By streaming conferences, seminars and meetings businesses offer you good recognition across the web.
  • The live video streaming apps also are used for employees training sessions.
  • By sharing live events with your audience makes them feel connected with your company. Don’t just show them the live event but make them a part of the event.

E- Conclusion

To sum up, we can now say that live video streaming offers evidently innumerable possibilities to businesses to connect with their audiences. In order to optimally gain benefits, you are always requested to keep in mind that you fabricate ideas which are unique. Also, do not forget to take help of professional video streaming application developers for attaining complete business benefits from your live video streaming app. There are certain copyright issues and user privacy concerns which must never be ignored while you broadcast the video.

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