Dreamforce 2016: Highlights, Hacks And Rumors

Dreamforce 2016: Highlights, Hacks And Rumors

If you are a Salesforce person then the epic four days of your life is just a month away. It’s four days of complete inspiration, learning, imagination, and innovation coupled with pure ecstasy. The countdown for DF’ 16 has already begun and I can’t hold myself back from the excitement of attending the most flamboyant event of Salesforce.

Ever in the world, were a mecca for the marketers, then Dreamforce would be it!!!

A conference as magnificent as contributing to over 226 million dollars to the local economy in just four short days has all the reasons to increase your adrenalin rush.

Highlights of Dreamforce 2016

  • 1. Dreamforce has never disappointed its attendees. This time, they can be pretty sure of witnessing some big names for keynotes, with the first raft of exceptional speakers who are predominantly female. CEO Marc Benioff will be joined by Melinda Gates, Patricia Arquette, Deborah Duggan and Billie Jean King.
  • 2. Other eminent personalities who are going to grab the microphone includes Tony Robbins the renowned author and motivational speaker. The list does not come to an end here the stage will also be shared by the NASA astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.
  • 3. There will be around 2000+ sessions brimming with awesomeness and excellence which will inspire infinite possibilities for you at each and every step.
  • 4. Four small days and so much to handle, there will be a high probability of you missing out on something of core importance. Enter ‘Partyforce’ the unofficial app for aiding you in planning which parties and social events to attend.
  • 5. ‘Dreampitch’ the ultimate platform to pitch your dreams i.e apps developed by the startups for Apps on the Salesforce App Cloud will be hosted by none other than high profile venture capitalists Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca (owner of many loud shirts). But the icing on the cake is that three winning startups will not only get Dreamforce passes but own a booth in Startup Valley. One of the lucky winners will also get an entry to the Salesforce Incubator Program.
  • 6. Work hard and Party harder has always been the cornerstone of every Dreamforce. This time, to set the Dreamfest on fire arrives U2 the legendary Irish rock band.

The Super Hacks!!!

  • 1. Believe in quality, not quantity:

    Dreamforce offers you an ocean of knowledge and you would definitely feel like imbibing the max you can. But trust me sometimes less is better. Focus on your core areas of importance and relevance and select your events and sessions accordingly. If you want to come back with practical knowledge which can be actualized then take fewer sessions with proper break to ingest the new concepts.

  • 2. Prepare a practical agenda:

    Not even a month left I am sure you are all set with your schedule but hey check it once again to time it properly! Check your schedule with a pair of practical eyes, if you have come out of a session on one side of the compound and attempt a keynote on the other side then you better have a good luck buddy 🙂

  • 3. Be who you are:

    We should always remember that the best bonds are formed between two human beings rather than business representatives. So at the end of the day loosen up a bit, meet new people and introduce yourself as the person behind the business card you are holding. Dreamforce is a place where you can make valuable friends who can be an asset for you and your enterprise forever.

  • 4. Health is wealth:

    You above all! Carry a bottle of water and eat adequate meals to keep yourself stuffed and be able to focus more. It’s a marathon so be prepared to utilize your energy and channelize it better making the most of it.

Some Great News Too Good To Be True!!!

Dreamforce is behemothic and such events are worth some anticipations. Some top notch rumors and speculations of this year are as follows:

  • 1. Bieber calling:

    While we are pretty sure U2 is setting the stage on fire, speculations flooding the market is that Justin Bieber is going to make an appearance to mesmerize the crowd.

  • 2. GOT hits DF’ 16:

    This year Dreamforce is expected to witness some good themes of Game of Thrones, as people say the creator of this spectacular series David Benioff is a long lost relative of Marc and definitely because it is just awesome!

  • 3. Salesforce in the sky rather than clouds:

    The words circulating is that you have to keep a watch on the sky above you and look out for a helicopter of Salesforce which is expected to rains tickets for the next game in San Francisco. Good Luck!

  • 4. Sassy Surprise:

    Every time we see the famous mascot we always tend to take a selfie but beware this time at any moment and at any day a celebrity is expected to pop out one of them. Anticipations still go around so as to who it would be.

Dreamforce is a colossal event : highlights, hacks, rumors …do’s dont’s you will have it all but it’s worth every second you spend there. With more than 2000 sessions and myriad live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, you will have the time of your life. I will be there waiting to see you and extend a hand for lifelong friendship, see you soon 🙂

Dreamforce is in the air – Advantage Dreamforce: In Numbers | An Infographic

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