Which Is Better: In-house Mobile App Development or Outsourcing App Development?

Which Is Better: In-house Mobile App Development or Outsourcing App Development?

To companies sells every kind of wide range of IT requirements which comprises of search engine optimization, graphics, online marketing, website design, social media engagement, and customer resource management. Also, customer service, accounting, and human resources have increased IT dimensions. Furthermore, security is also an important issue for all companies. Ever-mutating viruses, spyware, and malware can easily attack software and systems and can slip into the same. So, there is no point of taking a risk and IT specialists are not required. But, here the question is whether to opt for full-time mobile app developers or in-house team of engineers or get the contract done and bring experts in the picture only when they are required. All of the options hold pros and cons which are discussed here on this blog.

Some entrepreneurs are in the favor of outsourcing development work while some have completely horrible experience working with outsourcing. So here we have reasons outlined why to go overseas:

A- Outsourcing

The great merit of this approach is that a company brings in a very specific skill set to perform a task. Once that specific task gets accomplished, you may not need those specialists with a special skill set, so it makes sense to hire specialists only for some duration. Also, when a company opts for outsourcing, there is no need to invest the hardware or software which is necessary to do that particular task. The outsourcing contractor will either use his/her own tools else they will include the cost of acquiring the hardware/software in the cost of services he/she is offering, which will, of course, be less.

The contractor will either provide their own tools or they will include the cost of acquiring the equipment in their fee, which will, of course, be less than if the company bought the equipment outright.

This makes financial sense and also means that a company can bring in a specialist absolutely focussed on the issue at hand, whereas a full-time employee would likely have a more general set of IT skills that could be applied to a variety of situations.

A1: The Benefits of Outsourcing Overseas

a- Pricing

The cost of labor is a lot cheaper overseas. Why pay higher when you get same professional services and same work is done for a quarter of the cost, or less if outsourced. You can use these cost savings to do some better or build a more rich-featured application. Labor arbitrage is like the best merit and biggest pro for outsourcing. Many entrepreneurs also think that it makes no sense paying more for the services which can either be availed for less or at the same cost. But again considering and calculating the labor cost is not that easy which you might think. Some survey even shows that offshore IT outsourcing costs enterprises more than they even thought off.

b- Skilled Resources

Outsourcing cut down the effort of time and cost which gets invested in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business. Outsourcing Partners take care of the resourcing needs with their pool of highly skilled resources. You can employ well educated professional resources in the respective business areas.

c- Commitment Issues

Some of the benefits of outsourcing are underrated and short-term commitment is one among them. Outsourcing helps in bringing an expert on the project without committing for a long term. You might need someone with one skillset now and need someone totally different skill set in another few months.

d-Improved Efficiency

Outsourcing your IT services to some experienced solution provider with best business practices and expertise in delivering complex outsourcing projects helps you in gaining efficiency in business workflow. Outsourcing partner thoroughly understands their domain and holds pioneering skills. This leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency in the process.

B: The Benefits of Hiring Full Time Developers

a- Vested Interest

Full full dedicated developers work full-time for you and they have bought into your idea and have high opportunity costs for working with you. These developers invest their time and energy into your business idea and hold a vested interest in that outcome. They are quiet fewer chances of moving out of your company and will be long-term players along with you.

b- Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is another advantage why many companies prefer hiring dedicated developers in place of outsourcing personnel. This dedicated staff offers world-class services within the shortest period. Therefore, enterprises offer highest quality development. Organizations looking forward to urgent projects to be executed, they must opt for a dedicated team of developers.

c- Flexibility

Another advantage of hiring dedicated development teams is with the flexibility they offer. As an in-house team, these dedicated resources work exclusively on your projects. You can anytime ask for changes in your projects if required since the resources are housed in. You can even choose to pay these developers based on a number of hours or days which can easily be scaled up and down based on your requirement.

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To Be or Not to Be

You can, of course, become a developer. You can build an app but it can be as hard as hell but of course not impossible. But the most important thing which you must consider is do you have enough time and resources for becoming that technical and especially at the speed in which you want to develop an app? Do you have sufficient skill set and time to go for both front-end and back-end stack to develop the architecture of an app and go for smooth implementation as well.

If you decided to develop an application, consider that it is not a one-time deal. Developing an application requires you decide a mobile app strategy, architecture roadmap, and checkpoints and deadlines for meeting your goals.

If you’re in dilemme in opting for outsourcing or hiring dedicated mobile app developers, prefer asking few questions from yourself:

  • 1. What are you looking for in a developer?
  • 2. How much time you can spare in search the same?
  • 3. Are you efficient enough in writing technical requirements and judge how well code is written?
  • 4. Where does cost fit into the equation?

The answers to these questions will definitely help you in figuring out which choice is best. Choose your technology partner wisely.

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