How Prepared Are We? | COVID-19

How Prepared Are We? | COVID-19

Three months into 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic has baffled the entire world. Its global impact has not only put the well-being of people at risk, but has also trembled the economies, industries, and societies. We realize that in this time of crisis, it is critical that we find ways to minimize any impact on our customers’ engagement with us and help them respond to the unique demands that they may be facing.

Check out our COVID–19 FAQ page for more information on how Algoworks is operating in the current scenario of coronavirus pandemic.

As our employees’ health and welfare is of utmost importance, we had put various virus-mitigating actions in place that has resulted in zero cases among any of our teams so far. With extensive online collaboration capabilities for our teams to communicate with each other and with our customers, we are working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe, while at the same time, continue to deliver.

The fatal COVID-19 is still continuing to spread like a wildfire all across the globe. While taking precautionary measures, we are consciously following the following best practices in order to keep ourselves fully-functioning and equipped:

1. Implementing ‘work from home’ and BCP processes

Algoworks has always supported remote work. We have encouraged all our employees to work from home in light of recent events and they are taking the necessary steps to serve our customers the way we have been doing all this while.
Our BCP (Business Continuity Plan), ensures our customers that we have open channels for communications with our customers, stakeholders, and employees.

2. Educating our employees with credible information

We have a well-prepared, ready-to-refer instructional guide on coronavirus for our employees to help them have a better understanding of the fatal virus, its effects, and how to prevent it. The information shared is sourced only from credible sources like WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

3. Communicating effectively

Communication is key. In times when we are unable to host physical meetings with our employees and customers, we conduct them through various communication channels and video conferencing applications like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom to be on top of our game.

For more information on how Algoworks is operating in the current scenario of coronavirus pandemic, head to our COVID – 19 FAQ page. You can reach us out via Our contact details remain as:

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AlgoworksHow Prepared Are We? | COVID-19