Algoworks' commitment to its customers during the COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put the entire world to test, and we are all fighting against this virus together. We realize that in this time of crisis, it is critical that we find ways to minimize any impact on your engagement with us and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. Algoworks' leadership team is continuously hosting online meetings to evaluate the crisis and respond appropriately. We are taking all necessary measures in accordance with guidance from public health authorities and the local government.

The health and welfare of all our staff has been a priority. We had put in place many virus-mitigating actions which resulted in zero cases among any of our teams so far and resulted in a reduction of potential transmission. With extensive online collaboration capabilities for our teams to communicate with each other and with our customers, we are working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe, while at the same time, continue to deliver. Please reach out to your point of contact at Algoworks for any additional questions and concerns. Regarding BCP (business continuity plans), see below frequently asked questions. We will maintain this page and update it regularly as conditions change.


1. Does your organization have a pandemic plan in place to respond to and recover from events such as the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Algoworks has always supported remote work. We have encouraged all our employees to work from home in light of recent events and they are taking the necessary steps to serve our customers the way we have been doing all this while.

2. Can you confirm that you have business continuity plans in place in the case of office closures?

Yes, we want to provide assurance to our customers that our organization has had an extensive business continuity plan since the beginning which is regularly updated and reviewed.

3. Do you have any concerns related to your ability to support your customers in the event that your staff are unable to access their local office or business continuity site for a prolonged period?

Being a software development company, we have designed our structure to ensure that our services remain available to our customers during unexpected events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Our BCP, or Business Continuity Plan, ensures our customers that we have open channels for communications with our customers, stakeholders, and employees.

4. What measures has your organization taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

We have instructed our employees to operate remotely from their homes and keep themselves safe from the effects of coronavirus by avoiding stepping outdoors. We have closed all offices to employees and visitors and put a hold on all domestic and international business travels. We are also constantly following the guidelines provided by WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

5. Do you have procedures for communication with your customers, your suppliers, and essential staff if you incur an impact?

Yes. We have organized for dedicated channels to communicate with each of our partners, customers, prospects, and employees.

6. For employees that may have had exposure, have steps within your organization been taken to quarantine them for a specific duration? Is there currently an impact on any of your organization’s locations?

We had put in place many virus-mitigating actions which resulted in zero cases among any of our employees so far and resulted in a reduction of potential transmission. The entire Algoworks team has been instructed to follow the guidelines provided by WHO and CDC for quarantine and self-isolation.

7. How do you anticipate this outbreak will impact business outcomes?

We are doing everything in power to minimize the impact of the outbreak on business outcomes. We are evaluating every possible area of potential vulnerability from COVID-19.

8. Have you ensured your employees are not traveling to countries hit worst with the virus?

Yes, we have closed all offices to employees and visitors and put a hold on all domestic and international business travels.

9. What plans do you have for resources already deployed with your customers' teams in the respective countries/places?

As traveling is prohibited in most parts of the world due to the pandemic, our employees providing on-site services and running our customers' projects from a different location are instructed to stay put. We are helping them to cope up with the situation by frequently communicating with them, along with our customers who are cooperating in the best way possible. We have asked our customers to provide work from home to our team members serving them.

10. Can you please share any amendments to our points of contact for you in the event of a concern impacting your staff’s ability to attend work?

Our services are available for access worldwide due to which our processes don’t require any staff in attendance at any of our offices. You can reach us out via Our contact details remain as:

11. Can you please advise how you will alert us to any changes to your status, should such changes occur?

Our project managers will reach out to our customers, partners, and prospects and keep them notified via communication channels like emails.

12. How can I get updates on COVID-19 from Algoworks?

We will be constantly updating this page with the latest revisions shared by WHO, CDC, and other credible sources.

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