UI Design Trends 2020: Top 5 Impressive Trends Ready to Take Over!

UI Design Trends 2020: Top 5 Impressive Trends Ready to Take Over!

We come across stunning UI design portfolios every year and we wonder which of the UI trends are going to rule the design industry each year. We have, therefore, picked five impressive UI design trends which we believe will prevail in 2020 as they are already popular among UI design companies.

Let’s check out the top five stunning UI design trends that are going to take over the UI world in 2020:

1. Storytelling

The first and foremost thing to be considered in UI is storytelling. The art of storytelling is all about displaying your incredible in the form of digital experience. An extremely important element of the user interface, storytelling plays a crucial role in creating an outstanding experience for users.
Storytelling is growing rapidly in today’s time. People are now much more interested in reading a little more about something before going on for it as it helps them to create a visual structure in their minds. It also introduces consumers to the brand because they learn about the brand’s past, as people also find it interesting to read the brand’s history before going to it.


2. Illustration and Animation

Animated illustrations are now one of the most important parts of UI implementations and should, therefore, not be overlooked as they have become one of the best sources for transmitting information more efficiently to customers. Custom graphics, visuals, hand-drawn, 2D or 3D, do not only help websites stand out from the ordinary, but also create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and offer a better user experience. A fun illustration will lend its own personality to the websites, making them unforgettable.

illustration and animation

3. 3D Graphics

While 3D graphics increase the loading time of websites, it is still one of the best ways to transmit information to the user. The more accurate and relevant the information is, the more is the loading time of the website. 3D designs have some incredible additional advantages as it simplifies the user’s understanding of details, providing users with accurate product visualization. The implementation of new design trends in the industry is streamlined and actual prototypes are excluded. Yet, overdoing it over a webpage would surely increase the loading time of the page to some higher dimensions, which could be a critical issue.

3D graphics

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is going to be incorporated into almost every product in the coming times. It can help in automating the repetitive tasks to make UI designers focus more on the strategic decision of design. This will help in creating a personalized experience. AI can drive more of the creative strategizing, designing, and developing user experiences.

artificial intelligence in ui designing

5. Responsive Colors

Colors are a major factor in user interface design. Hues and shades, tints and tones, contrast, shadow, saturation, intensity, exposure – the list go on.
More brands have started adopting the idea of incorporating responsive colors progressively. Brands like Dropbox, Facebook, and Spotify have also implemented it. Instead of owning a single symbolical color, the brands are responsive to its context. It can be a number of predefined ones or a dynamic color system that takes on the color of its environment.

responsive colors


As you can see we have some exciting days ahead in the world of UI design, hopefully, these trends will become more and more interesting and engaging. Did we miss any trends that lie close to your heart? We’ll love to know about those in the comments section.
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Image source: CMARIX TechnoLabs, Digital Arts Online, MotoCMS, Mockplus, Awwwards

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