Top JavaScript Frameworks For Developers In 2018!

Top JavaScript Frameworks For Developers In 2018!

When it comes to Web Development, JavaScript frameworks today are among the most desired platforms both for businesses and developers. JavaScript is among the most popular programming language and with the popularity one of Node.js, JS has grown popularity for both front-end and back-end web development.

Here we will see some of the popular JavaScript frameworks in 2018 which will not only increase your productivity but will help businesses in developing robust and scalable mobility and web solutions.

1- Angular.js

Angular.js is among the most popular JS framework which is majorly used for developing a single page web application. Angular.js helps in developing dynamic, interactive, rich and fast web applications. Angular.js allows the entire content of the website gets directly transferred from the server to the browser and loads all the pages at that very same time. This speeds up the loading time. Angular.js helps in building mobile and desktop applications both.

2- React.js – A JS Library For Developing UI Apps

React, developed by Facebook, was released in 2013. It has quickly gained popularity and has become the fastest growing JS framework. React is suitable for high performing enterprise applications since it is powered by the user interfaces of Facebook and Instagram. React can be rendered on the server using Node.js and can also be used to power mobile applications. React.js is considered as efficient and awesome for SEO.

3- Meteor.js

JavaScript is used as the universal scripting language in browsers on the client-side which saves both time and builds expertise. Such amazing idea gives birth to Meteor.js. This validates that even front-end developers can easily work on the back-end with Meteor. This can be performed without even switching context between Ruby or Java or Python or PHP or any other JS. This framework is perfect for those who want to build real-time web apps. This is how Meteor works-


4- Ember.js – A Framework For Creating Amazing Web Apps

Ember is an open source JS framework which is compatible with both large and small scale web applications. Ember.js generates a lot of code for you and therefore some can be used as you want and other can be ignored. With ember.js you can develop application quite fast. Furthermore, you can get complete freedom and flexibility and to code richer and interactive web applications.

5- Vue.js

Vue.js, which is released in 2014 is also the fastest growing JavaScript framework in terms of popularity and adoption. It offers two-way data binding, server-side rendering. Vue.js has excellent online documentation, therefore, holds a great community. It best suits for quick and cross-platform development for developing better and interactive web interfaces.

Tug of War?

Which one is the Best JavaScript Framework? All the above mentioned JavaScript frameworks are quite popular and among the topmost frameworks. For the particular purpose they were created for, they seem to be doing the best job at that. There is a large number of JS frameworks out in the market and each of them has their own capabilities. Keep coding and keep trying and after trying couple of them, you will be able to differentiate among them and will learn which one best suits you for your project!

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