Why Ember.js Development?

Less coding equipped with awesome features like handlebar templates, coding complex applications become significantly faster with EmberJS.

Developers do not need to waste their time on trivial choices. Ember’s abstractions helps developers to focus on what makes their app unique.

Ember gives the provision of auto updating Handlebar templates.

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Ember.js Routing feature helps you build JavaScript apps without breaking the web and helping developers to build multi page JavaScript applications carrying great URL support.

With the basic knowledge of jQuery, you will be able to fetch models in Ember.

Ember components help you to create own application specific HTML Tags thereby letting you see the future of web platform today.

How Can We Help You With Ember.js Development?

Algoworks has a dynamic team who has more than a decade of
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  • Our developers have immense knowledge in the languages used in Ember, like JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Angular.js, etc.
  • Experienced Ember.js developers.
  • We have experience in PHP, Ruby on Rails & .Net
  • We offer exact solutions to any Ember.js query using our expertise.
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Pros and Cons of Ember

Ember is an amazing framework for creating ambitious web applications, Let’s discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of Ember.js development.

Advantages of Ember

Data Library.

has a huge data library. It is the best library to query the API layer and get data easily into your local app store.

Ember CLI

Ember CLI looks a bit inspired from rails but it does its job and contributes to speed up the development process.

Disadvantages of Ember

Limitations of Ember Data
Ember Data

is good for standard REST API querying, but it won’t be helpful if you want to fetch data from API that is not bound by REST standards.

Flaw of Ember Add-ons

A lot of ember add-ons are ports of existing jQuery libraries and only a few a really written from scratch, but if they are, they are really great.

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Algoworks has a dynamic team of people with more than a decade of experience with the concepts of Ember.js. We help organizations in building critical business applications using our efficient project management processes and transparent work methodologies.

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Proven methodologies with full transparency.
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Predictable deliverables using strong agile practices.