7 Top Reasons To Go For Xamarin App Development

7 Top Reasons To Go For Xamarin App Development

As a developer, we all know the capabilities of Xamarin and this blog is specifically for .Net developers who are ready to dive into the mobile world.

Xamarin, an open source framework help mobile app developers in developing applications for Android, iOS, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) which is commonly written in C# or XAML. Since learning native platform languages such as Swift, Java or Objective C is easy to grasp therefore, developers may find it a great language to learn. Also, you can open up Visual Studio setup and can start coding your cross-platform application in C# or XAML.

The C# code is compiled into native code, therefore, your application feels and runs like the one developed using native technologies. Many popular enterprises like Pinterest, Slack use Xamarin as their mobile app development platform.

Let us know how Xamarin can be helpful for .Net developers in terms of app development.

A- Reasons To Use Xamarin

1- Native Package: Native User Interface, Native API, and Native Performance

Complied with native code Xamarin applications always run natively with the help of user interface controls. Since you will get an application developed in native technologies, this will give you an awestruck experience as far as performance is considered. The good performance of an application is crucial for gaming apps. Actions and gesture-controls like swipe and scroll move like fluid smooth and natural.

With Xamarin you can easily interact with most of the underlying platform API. Xamarin allows you to invoke libraries which are written on native technologies like Objective C, Java or C/C++, therefore, you can reuse the already written code on these technologies in your application.
Reasons To Use Xamarin

2- Important IDE Enhancements

  • Amazing visual update- Visual Studio (For MAC and Windows) comprises of a new welcome screen, numerous new icons, smooth gestures and touches and improvised support for Retina displays.
  • Managed Visual Studio support- In a single Visual Studio extension you will get improved iOS and Android extension. You will get enhanced well-organized installation and updates for all users and therefore improve the build and debugging experience.
  • NuGet- User gets complete support for using NuGet packages in mobile apps
    which are offered by Xamarin cross-platform. Also, in the Visual Studio for Mac or Windows, you can take advantage of many NuGet packages
  • .NET BCL Documentation- VisualStudio offers complete documentation for .NET Base Class Libraries.

Reasons To Use Xamarin

3- Improvised Code Sharing

Xamarin cross-platform offers some great code sharing techniques for cross-platform apps:

  • Shared Projects: Shared Projects provide a simple approach for code sharing for cross-platform application developers. For sharing code across iOS, Windows and Android developers can now use Shared Projects.
  • Portable Class Libraries: Xamarin cross-platform both produces and consume PCLs from Visual Studio.

4- Simplified Development Environment

Start Xamarin app development with Visual Studio on Windows or Mac. For developing iOS apps one need to have macOS. Though we can use Visual Studio for writing code and deployment still you shall require a Mac for the build and licensing purposes. This goes same for android applications. For developing Android applications, developers must have Java and Android SDKs installed in the machine. This acts is like a compiler, emulator and helps in deploying and testing. Furthermore, for building Windows apps you cannot use Xamarin directly but C# code for iOS and Android can be shared.

5- Xamarin Test Cloud

Testing and its services play a vital role in software development industry. With Xamarin Test Cloud users can test the application on multiple real devices in Cloud. Previous tests used to run from command line, but now users have a great user interface and a handful of useful charts for rendering the results. For UI testing, Xamarin offers Xamarin Test Recorder which is a nice feature. It is used for recording the touches on the device. Post that it converts them to code. This helps in implementing testing.
Reasons to Use Xamarin

6- High Native Performance

Xamarin-based applications as solutions can be distributed on Google Play, Microsoft Store or iOS App Store on equal terms with native apps as they comply with all markets’ distribution requirements. Also, developing cross-platform applications using Xamarin is just writing less code, the number of possible errors is very less. Xamarin’s Test Cloudstrong> helps in easy checking up on multiple devices which help enterprises in launching applications at one time to various operating systems.

7- Time-to-Market, Development and Maintenance Downtime

Xamarin just offers you the ability to code once and then share the application logic across all mobile operating systems. Creating a cross-platform app using Xamarin eliminates the need for a separate application for various mobile operating systems. Also, Xamarin avoids steep learning curve since very few developers hold proficiency in coding for all desired platforms. Xamarin eliminates the repetitive procedure for multiple platforms. This reduces the time spent on software development. Also, the maintenance of the application takes less time since the team needs to fix issues in only one application. Therefore, Xamarin reduces development time and a single team can troubleshoot app performance issues after deployment and release.

Since now we know all the reasons why .Net developers need to use Xamarin as one of their framework for application development, let us quickly check some facts on Xamarin.

B- Some Great Facts About Xamarin

  • 1. Xamarin is the most time and cost-effective tool which can be used for developing applications for various operating systems.
  • 2. App developers can share about 75% of developed code across major mobile platforms, instead of designing an app for each system separately. This lowers the cost and time-to-market.
  • 3. It performs very well and has excellent UX based on native API.
  • 4. With seamless integration, Xamarin provides functionality testing and quality
    assurance on various devices.

So, now are you ready to build your next App with Xamarin?

Of course, mobile application development is a tricky process and it involves various intricate steps to be followed diligently. It comprises of quality analysis on several devices, earnest design process, entire beta cycle and deployment to application marketplace. Xamarin offers application development which is both cost-effective and efficient in nature. Xamarin’s advantages and exclusiveness is shared above and I wish you enjoy coding with Xamarin. Share your app idea with us and check our specialized Xamarin App Development Services.

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