Everything you Need to Know About Salesforce Integration with Stripe

Everything you Need to Know About Salesforce Integration with Stripe

Most of us spend quite a massive amount of our week in payment processing. Half of our time is spent tracking down payments post delivering invoices. Everybody is concerned about receiving the most accurate updates on their payment processors. Organizations have been experiencing this prolonged need to disburse payments to their recipients adhering to the most adaptable medium. Additionally, they also wish to control payments for overall swift payment processing. This is where stripe integration with Salesforce plays a major role. There was indeed an urgency to come up with a compelling solution that would elevate payment processing, invoicing, and overall financial management. Let us learn how Salesforce integration with Stripe has automated the whole process.

Salesforce integration with Stripe can be considered a newfangled evolution in the world of finance – streamlining invoicing to payment processing.

A Brief Introduction to Stripe Payments

There are loads of people who might be familiar with the Salesforce App but are oblivion about the Stripe App. It is a SaaS payment management tool that is outlined as a comprehensive payment solution ideal for diverse businesses. Regardless of the fact that the company offers on-demand services, subscription services, traditional product sales, or digital marketing, through Stripe integration, the users will experience undeniably outstanding features assisting in their business. They will find ease in processing orders, issuing refunds, and managing countless subscriptions.

Salesforce Stripe Payment

Entering into the technicalities of Salesforce integration with Stripe, the latter is conducted around REST API which comprises foreseen resource-oriented URLs that avail HTTP response codes for denoting API glitches. A few of the components of Stripe are:

  • Printing Receipt
  • Invoice Noting
  • Multicurrency Dealings
  • Backs credit card and debit card payments
  • Controlling taxes
  • Discount management
  • Managing payments
  • ACH dealing check
  • Third-party integration
  • POS transactions
  • Online payment

Benefits of using Stripe Payments

The association between programmers and stripe developers who employ this payment processor is really thriving. One of the best parts about this payment processor is its continuous attention to the tech community. This can undoubtedly be regarded as the ideal payment option for any organization, be it MNC or start-up. It can be equally operated with credit cards, Apple pay, and Android pay.

The consumers of Stripe tend to avert the prolonged bargaining method with payment providers that might take up years to complete. Businesses can leverage the most from the Salesforce integration with Stripe since they have an attractive pricing model that includes freedom of cancellation costs or monthly charges.

The Stripe Salesforce integration marks the gateway for advanced financial management that includes ease of invoicing, rescuing time and resources, and automation of essential procedures and payments. It acts as a boon to many organizations that have been dealing with severe financial disarray.

This software-as-a-service payment medium is versatile as well, and regardless of the business type, it can be used anywhere. Through its cutting-edge facilities, functionalities, and APIs, customers get to experience seamless reimbursements, purchase processing, and controlling diverse subscribers as well.

Methods of Salesforce Integration with Stripe

Salesforce CRM can be associated with Stripe by following the below steps.

Salesforce Integration with Stripe

Step 1: The first step towards the Stripe Salesforce integration tools is creating an account. Once you have decided to integrate Salesforce with Stripe, you need to head toward the latter’s official website. Then, find the dashboard where you will also come across the option to open an account. Follow it up by:

Step 2: Upon selecting the link, fill in the required information, then select the ‘create account’ button.

Step 3: Follow it up by verifying the email address by reaching your inbox, checking the mail, and clicking on the mail stating verification of the email address.

Step 4: Post completion of the above step, you will be able to acquire your API key by selecting ‘Developers->API Keys’. Once accomplished, you will be able to uncover your key.

Step 5: When there is a need to examine data during Stripe Salesforce integration, you are required to lay it as the test mode by selecting the toggle button referred to as ‘viewing the test data’. On another note, when there is a need to utilize this account in live mode, you will be required to turn out the toggle button.

Once done with the aforementioned steps of integrating Stripe payments, it is time to develop the remote site setting for the beginning of how to integrate Salesforce with Stripe.

  • Head to the Setup option
  • Press on the ‘Quick Find Box’ and write ‘Remote Site Setting’
  • Then, press on the ‘Remote Site Setting’ option and select ‘New’
  • Hop onto the ‘Remote Site URL’- https://api.stripe.com

Advantages of implementing methods of Salesforce Integration with Stripe

Salesforce integration with Stripe offers quite some advantages. Some of them have been discussed below.

1. With Stripe and Salesforce connect, organizations become competent in boosting their acceptance rates and elevating sales.

2. Through the association of Stripe with Salesforce consulting services, one finds an exhaustive blueprint of client data that can be easily altered and accessed.

3. Stripe assists WebHook and, helps organizations in blooming real-time solutions that are swift in nature.

4. All the customer’s information is linked with the Stripes payments account, and the payments are directed right from the Salesforce account.

5. Your marketing Approach will be highly boosted with the Salesforce Stripe integration since it offers proper memberships and discount models as well.

All in all, through this integration, customers and organizations have been able to experience a state-of-the-art payment processing experience. Since finance often works as the bridge with all the other departments of an organization, it becomes vital to endow a premium tool to access it. In case you are someone who is finding it hard to comprehend Salesforce integration with Stripe, wait no more, connect with Algoworks today. Our expert team will not only walk you through the process but also stay available constantly.

About Us: Algoworks is a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is reputed for its partnership with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. The company’s key Salesforce Services include: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, AppExchange Apps, Salesforce Consulting Services etc. For more information, contact us here.

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