Why Salesforce® Integration?

No enterprise use a single software. For the most efficient running of business workflows it is imperative that all these software communicate with each other and share their data.

We help organizations with Salesforce third-party integration solutions using Salesforce® platform to get a single integrated collaborative business process management environment.

Salesforce Integration Company

Our Salesforce Integration Services

When running key functions in an organization with the help of varied software systems, integrating Salesforce plays a crucial role. Integrating software systems with Salesforce is extremely helpful in ensuring a smoother flow of data between departments, along with automated data synchronization and single access for users.

Algoworks provides Salesforce third-party Integration solutions for ERP, Accounting, Marketing automation, CTI, E-commerce, Collaboration systems, Personal Planner, and email.

ERP integration

ERP integration with Salesforce aligns the sales and resource management processes and offers sales reps the ability to directly get customer-related data such as inventory, invoices, and shipment into their CRM system. We provide Integration with some of the leading ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP, and others.

Accounting integration

Salesforce Integration Company will integrate Salesforce for you with an accounting system helps you share financial data with the sales team and also to enhance customer profiles, generate accurate forecasts, get insights driven by financial data, and manage intercompany transactions and invoices. Algoworks offers integrating accounting systems like QuickBooks, and more with Salesforce.

Marketing automation integration

Integration between CRM and marketing systems enables teams to get established lead nurturing, connecting with cold leads, and marketing campaigns that have a transparent influence on sales, as well as, a stable customer experience. Some of the top integrations which we provide are MailChimp, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Constant Contact.

CTI integration

Connecting third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce, or even activating the CTI toolkit within the platform, can help you increase sales along with boosting service quality and speed. Our Salesforce Integration services can help your organization in improving call management via identifying and routing incoming calls and automatically recording and logging calls.

E-commerce integration

We, at Algoworks, provide integration with major e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and others. An integration of such platforms with Salesforce enables your organization to improve the quality of customer service as well as increase revenue per customer.

Collaboration system integration

Salesforce integration services with collaboration systems like Sharepoint facilitates organizations to save on licenses and also helps in giving employees more flexibility when they collaborate on projects. It eliminates all the pitfalls, such as document duplication and downtime, associated with integration between a CRM and a collaboration tool.

Personal planner and email integration

Boost your staff’s productivity with integration between Salesforce and personal planning software such as Outlook and Microsoft Exchange which results in the syncing of emails, tasks, contacts, and appointments. Being a Salesforce integration company, we provide the required assistance in ensuring smooth integration with all major email clients.

Salesforce® Integration Company

From large scale financial solutions to smart content management solutions, we integrate all.
Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration Through Custom Adapter

We design and develop custom integration solutions that help integrate 3rd party solutions with Salesforce® via highly flexible and extendable self hosted or Force.com® hosted integration apps.

We also help organization, especially Software Vendors, develop Saleforce AppExchange® integration apps.


Direct Integration Through APIs

Salesforce® platform support both Rest based and SOAP based APIs. We help organization integrate their solutions or web apps with Salesforce® directly through APIs.

We are experts in all major APIs and know Salesforce® API based integrations inside out.


Integration Though Web Services

We help enterprices to connect multiple software solutions with Salesforce® through Salesforce visualforce and Force.com® based web services.

We specialize in creating rel-time integration between Salesforce® and web applications via secure web services and Salesforce® APIs.

We can Transform your Business

Need to resolve a tricky integration? We can help.

Integration For Enterprises

We help enterprises realize their full potentialusing Salesforce Integration
Multiple Integrations

We develop custom integration adapters that act as integration service bus to help integrate multiple solutions with Salesforce®.

Salesforce® and Mobile Integration

Make your team truly mobile through Salesforce® integrated mobile solutions.

AppExchange® Integration Apps

We have special expertise in creating custom AppExchange® compatible integration Salesforce® apps for Software Vendors.

Salesforce Integration company For Enterprises

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