A Futuristic Modern Technology Platform Connecting Citizens with Government

A Futuristic Modern Technology Platform Connecting Citizens with Government

Gone are the days when engagement in democracy was once in five years instance. The current time witnesses many citizens raising concerns regarding numerous governmental and civic issues on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They urge the ministers to take instant action upon those concerns. But the perpetual communication gap between government and citizens leads to unfinished businesses. Understanding this need for constancy of communication, Ashish Sharma took it upon himself to empower citizens with the help of modern technology. As a result, CivilCops has acquired a great position among the top-notch social intelligence organizations in India.

CivilCops has been flawlessly bridging the communication gap between citizens and government via its newfangled AI technology

The Inception of CivilCops – A Renowned Startup Backed by Modern Technology

Despite the majority of people engaging in popular apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook regularly. Most of them anticipate a swift flow of information offered by governmental authorities through digitalization. This breach in the public service conveyance and citizen response cycle was rightly observed by Ashish. It was in 2017 that CivilCops was born with the help of conversational AI.

AI, machine learning or ML

This is a Delhi-based tech organization that has advanced with the sheer aspiration of enabling smart governance with the assistance of intelligent consumer interaction. The main backing power of this startup is the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence or AI, machine learning or ML, and natural language processing or NLP solutions.

With the amalgamation of all these technologies, the organization is constantly attempting to empower both government and citizens by brisk reporting of atrocities and rapid redressal of the same. Ashish explained how the last few years witnessed a rise in governmental apps created to simplify citizen’s life. But, unfortunately, hardly any tech startup has been able to meet the long prevailing communication void. CivilCops can be unquestionably regarded as one of the best companies that are originally lessening the gap.

How does this Startup Company function via modern technology innovations?

The building blocks of this organization are quite robust, and this has been possible due to the out-of-the-box thought process of the founders. Concerning the operations of this technology, Ashish explains why despite such an illustrative utilization of AI technology, the government initiatives didn’t work out. The reason was simple, the priority was not set to offer user-friendliness.

A noticeable technological boost can indeed be seen in diverse apps across the nation. But, the ones developed by the government majorly lag in the use of modern technology and user-friendliness. The best part about CivilCops is, it doesn’t lead you to another regular app that will only be downloaded out of sheer curiosity but eventually deleted due to space crunch. It has thoughtfully created a communication channel over apps like Facebook, and Google Assistant, and so, that is regularly used by the audience.

The presence of the latest technology can be vividly experienced in the usage of CivilCops. Presume that you are treading across the lane, and notice a heap of garbage dumps left unattended. You can instantly inform Google Assistant about the issue and also the department by simply clicking a picture and putting the location. This will be followed up by the organization’s city authority which will run this data with the help of an algorithm utilizing natural language processing.

AI technology

With the help of AI governance, the authority will thoroughly perceive the issue, and automatically deploy its redressal to an employee located in the concerned department. Interestingly, all of these activities take place in real-time resulting in a much simplified and convenient process averting delays.

The Haryana Government has adopted CivilCops to redress their persisting road issues. This modern technology channel has defeated the previous app, namely, HARPATH used by the Haryana Government. The new infrastructure will involve a chatbot embedded in Facebook which will jot down every type of glitch and responds to the citizens. Furthermore, there is also software fueled by machine learning for evaluating the nature of complaints.

The CivilCops team is simultaneously working with the MLAs and MPs of Haryana as well as Maharashtra by assisting them in properly anticipating and responding to different civic issues pertaining. It is certainly because of all these positive reasons that this modern technology platform has been able to raise funds of $200,000 in angel funding derived from Ritesh Malik – Innov8 founder and Alfa Ventures.

Future Roadmap of CivilCops

Currently, this innovative chat interface is accessible only in Hindi and English but it will soon notice the inclusion of Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, and more – thereby catering to a vast client base. CivilCops is slowly becoming one of the most renowned technological startup companies in Delhi because of its innovation. Ashish has shared the blueprint for the upcoming two years where additional regional Indian languages will be affixed to the chatbots along with the voice assistants.

Furthermore, with its ultra-modern uses of artificial intelligence, the company is aiming to target around 25 smart cities and 11 states in India, that too by the following year. The aspiration doesn’t end here, CivilCops is soon planning to examine the global waters for which the team is also planning to accumulate a capital of $500,000 this year.

The last few months have witnessed this state-of-the-art channel to redress the transportation system across different cities. The team acknowledged the prevalent public transportation issue that has been running in loss and also affecting people’s daily life. The company with its implementation of modern technology will strengthen the AI infrastructure for modifying the prevent communication system.

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