4 Pillars Of Cloud Security Solutions To Safeguard Your Apps

4 Pillars Of Cloud Security Solutions To Safeguard Your Apps

Mobile apps have become the most imperative gateways to malicious attacks. It is high time that enterprises start considering mobile security as a top development priority. The use of mobile devices and definitely apps continue to surge beyond the level of imagination we held a few years back.

Mobile apps that are made available to us via iOS app store or Android play store and third party market have become one of the most significant methods of delivering value to users across the globe. But a few alarming stats to open your eyes wide enough to gauge the risks that future beholds are listed as below:

Cloud Security solutions

The four pillars of cloud security solutions that the enterprises should build and tightly wrap their apps around for a solid foundation are as follows:

1. Secure The Device

Detection of compromised and vulnerable runtime environment is of utmost importance. No matter how secure an application is but its security majorly lies on the underlying device as well. Your software should also ideally be able to make sure that the misplaced or stolen device does not hold highly sensitive information which could be easily retrieved by any flagitious actor. ‘On the go’ access to information is critical to an app’s success but with efficient cloud security solutions you can not only maintain the entire fleet of devices but have the ultimate power to destroy data remotely.

2. Secure The Data

Prevention is always better than cure, same implies in the case of safeguarding data leakage or data theft. In order to uphold a desired level of security, you have to take the utmost care to balance the dire necessities for the users. Employees should also tie a knot that they must take utmost care to safeguard critical and sensitive data while it’s in transit and take care of the amount of data sharing and collaboration. Cloud security solutions give the provision to protect the data that resides on a particular device, it further helps in encryption of the data and helps in restricting the content based on the permissions granted at the managed endpoint.

3. Secure The Code

Mobile malware taps bugs and vulnerabilities in the coding of the mobile apps they target. Prior to exploitation attackers can obtain a public copy of any given application and reverse engineer it. Some of the very popular apps are repackaged as rogue apps which hold malicious code and are posted on the third party to lure ignorant users to install them and compromise their sensitive data. So definitely a good cloud-based security solution will provide anti-malware protections for apps on managed devices which will block any malicious activity on the device and ensure the data can’t be rewritten or distributed.

4. Access Control

Enterprises also make use of the other cloud security solution feature which enables them to manage app and app functions depending on the permission granted to a particular person. These solutions should also cater to fraud detection that blocks necessary nefarious actions and alerting the appropriate person.

Today the cyber hackers are targeting the corporate apps and devices more and more to get a strong foothold into the corporate networks. So it is your sole responsibility to select the congruous cloud security solution to secure the future of your apps.

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