Chatbot: An Interactive Medium Between a Business and its Customers

Chatbot: An Interactive Medium Between a Business and its Customers

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is in full swing now. Today, as the number of messaging apps users is increasing, it has become extremely important to resolve multiple queries without human interaction. This has led to the growth of the chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence programs with a predefined set of commands which help users to solve the queries and are invoked based on various triggers. Based on the predefined questions, the responses are sent to the customers. They save time and effort by automating customer support. Chatbots are helpful in increasing business, customer support, interaction with customers, new leads, etc.
There are a plethora of chatbots benefits. For starters, chatbots are interactive, have consistent responses, and respond to customers immediately.

Uses of chatbots for building interaction between customers and business

As per an online survey, 44% of online customers prefer chatbot to humans when it comes to online interactions. Chatbots provides a seamless experience in terms as they are:

  • Bug-free
  • Aligned and oriented to the branch as they mostly work on predefined keywords or AI
  • Associated to well-defined tasks
  • Providing proper answers/solutions to queries

Let’s check out how can chatbots be used to a business’ advantage

1. Attaining seamless live chat

Customers can talk/chat with chatbots in the same way that they experience it with humans. The learning curve to interact with chatbots is not there as chatbots mostly work with either the keywords or using the Natural Processing Language. Chatbots can deliver the proper response based on the analysis done on the queries asked by the customer.

2. Offering 24/7 customer service

The customer need may come after the business hours as well. A chatbot is always available to support customer queries. So they don’t have to wait for the responses.

3. Capturing customers data

Chatbots can be used for capturing the customers’ data which can be used for transforming the business needs.

4. Focusing on a brand in different roles

The advantage of using a chatbot is that it can focus on engaging customers through different modes of interactions. It can work as interacting with different roles, like tech support.

5. Searching for products, inventories, and more

Chatbots can search for products and inventories through normal interaction with customers and can help customers with real-time response.

6. Removing contact forms

Filling up a contact/sign-up form can get quite boring for the customers. But with the help of the chatbots, they give an interactive medium for getting the information captured from the customers.

7. Collecting feedback

Chatbots can be used for collecting feedback from the customers. Feedback can be used for doing the analysis of the product.

8. Chatbots can pass-on for human responses

Chatbots can be used for passing the queries to human support. If the customer wants to get interacted with the support team, chatbots can redirect them to the support team.

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