5 Reliable Ways to Retain Customers Using Salesforce

5 Reliable Ways to Retain Customers Using Salesforce

Nowadays, customer retention has become a major challenge in this era of the IT industry. A small percentage of hike in customer retention leads to higher company growth. But, if your competitor got success to swipe your customers then you need to be very serious about the customer retention process and their best possible tools. Getting new customers is very much tough than old ones. On the edge of the competition, the Salesforce CRM technology has proven itself to be very effective over customer retention.

Unify All the Customer Data Using Salesforce Integration

As per today’s market scenario, we need to focus on relationships with the customer to know their disputes in a faster aspect and tries to solve their requirements and expectations in a very timely and proper manner. But to accomplish this responsibility, you may be using various applications which might be hampering your competence, quality, and might slow down your functional speed which may result in customer discomfort.

To solve this problem, you can use the Salesforce integration services to unify all the customer data centrally. For instance, let us consider that you are using Zendesk for services and Pardot for marketing purposes. You integrate both the platforms with Salesforce, collect data from them, and add it to the respective customer record in Salesforce. By doing this, you can have an entire overview of each and every customer. It helps in being in contact with every customer and implements transparency and better opportunity for automation.

Ways to Use Salesforce for Customer Retention

Utilize Customer Data to Send Personalized Messages:

Personalization is a greatly impactful concept. Salesforce integration provides plenty of insights on any customer. You can put this data to use to send personalized emails and nurture connections with them. To shoot personalized messages to the relevant customers you can use some external tools like Sendinblue and Mailchimp which can be easily integrated with Salesforce.

Track your Customer Interactions:

Using the specific features of Salesforce, you can track customer interaction. If you have sent any emails and offers to your customer, then you can track the customer actions over these offers. You can track whether your customer has made any purchase. You can easily integrate marketing automation tools like Pardot with Google Ads to allow sales and marketing representatives to have a keen track of leads and the interaction with every customer. On the basis of these interactions, companies can directly figure out who is interested in buying your products and services.

Re-Engage Inactive Customers:

If you engage your inactive customers it will also like a huge opportunity to grow your business. Though customers that have canceled your service or haven’t shown activity in some time are still more likely to purchase than net-new prospects who don’t know your business or brand. You are likely to have a measurable list of inactive customers. Salesforce Integration with your marketing automation tool and email platform and you can use that list of a segment to send the personalized messages or offers to make them active or to re-engage them.

Integrate Customer Service Tools:

To retain your loyal customers, it has been very essential to retain them in a better way. After sending discounts and offers, the organization must be ready to deal with the customers, should be ready to handle their complaints effectively and efficiently. Through Salesforce Service Cloud integration, the sales team can access and can keep track of any customer complaints or issues.

Analyze why Customers are leaving you:

There are several possible reasons why customers leave:

  • They are unhappy with bad customer support
  • They are unhappy with your delayed services
  • They are unhappy with the price and the product/service

There are plenty of Salesforce development companies out there who are offering similar services for lower prices. Therefore, it is of the best interest to run proactive competitor research to outplay the competition. A small percentage of customer retention can remarkably contribute to higher company growth.

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